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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stray Dog Arts

Many of you will already be familiar with Jessie of Diary of a Self-Portrait. Just in case you are not, I wanted to let you know about her recent new venture. She's begun to make animal portraits and has a show of her dog portraits opened recently.

I've been so taken with what she's been doing, and was thrilled when she agreed to paint a portrait of my beloved, sadly departed Trixie. She'll be starting work on it soon, and I'm so looking forward to its arrival.
Here is some of what Jessie says about why she has chosen this work: Isn't this inspiring?

I paint pet portraits because I have more love for animals than I know what to do. I paint because there is something beautiful to be captured in those transitory moments we share with the pets who have stolen our hearts for good. I paint to tell a story. I paint dogs (and cats and horses) because now I cannot stop.

For me, it is not just about getting a painting to look like a specific pet; it’s about capturing his or her personality. I believe that an animal’s spirit is conveyed through its eyes, a particular expression, and even the subtlest of gestures. My goal as an artist and animal lover is to create artwork that honors the beautiful and unique life-force within each of us. I find pet portraits particularly rewarding because, in short, they make me happy. I have wanted to work with animals ever since I was a little girl and am grateful beyond words that I am able to do this through my art.

I pour my heart and soul into every painting that I do and if there is one gift I would like to give the world, it would be happiness. Often, our pets are the ones who give us the greatest happiness of all. My paintings, well, they are but a heartfelt gesture in celebration of the unconditional love and infinite happiness that our four-legged friends have brought to us.

Go on over there and read THIS POST and see some of her wonderful portraits.
If you think you might want to commission a portrait, note that she is offering a 30% discount on her regular prices until the end of April. Now, that is a great offer!

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At 9/3/08 10:10 pm, Blogger Alexander M Zoltai said...

Thank you for introducing me to this Fine Artist !

~ Alex

At 10/3/08 12:41 am, Blogger Becca said...

Isn't she amazing? I've been following her journey to this point, and I'm so darn proud of her!!

Her portraits are just amazing.

At 10/3/08 2:16 am, Blogger Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear Greenishlady, I just followed you here to thank you so very much for supporting me on my journey through cancer. Your comments are a bright spot on this journey and you are very much appreciated. Thank you with all my heart. Take good care Jen Ballantyne xxx

At 10/3/08 3:24 pm, Blogger Deirdre said...

I just love Jessie. She pours her wonderful heart into each painting. I hope you'll share your portrait of Trixie when it arrives.

At 12/3/08 6:27 pm, Blogger Amber said...

Yes! Isn't she great?? I am going to have her doone of our Mickey, too. They are so beautiful. Be sure to share when you get it!


At 17/3/08 2:10 pm, Blogger Jessie said...

thank you so much for these words and for this post! you are truly wonderful, my friend. the painting of trixie has begun and i can't wait to be able to finally send it to you.

much love and many thanks,


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