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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Catching up on Life

This is what happens: Life gets busy, but I still get to check up on blogs I read, I click on the Poetry Thursday or Sunday Scribbling site, and I write a piece and post it, and there you are - my blog's got somethig new on it, and a few days pass, and the same thing happens, and next thing, I've really not shared at all in the way I used to...

So, these are pieces of my life from the past few weeks:

Shopping with my sister for her wedding-gown. this was a highlight for me - a wonderful, heart-filling, happy, special time that came unplanned and like a gift. She will be a beautiful bride at her September wedding.
This week, the beginning of my employment in my new job, starting with induction training, familiarising myself with the organisation, and meeting a lot of new co-workers. Spending 3 days away from home, making new friends, finding questions, handling nerves, anxiety, realising that everything I experience can be reflected as something a counselling client might experience too. Breathing.
My second public SoulCollage workshop last Saturday. - 8 women exploring through image the parts of themselves that felt like making themselves known that day. Watching, being with, witnessing the unfoldment. Feeling honoured to be present for that. Being glad I've been gifted with this treasure and allowed to share it.
Five months after the painters finished in my house, I finally got around to putting up some hooks and hanging my precious collection of artworks about my house. I keep smiling as I look around my walls. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful art in my home.
Yesterday, went with some friends to Belfast to read at a poetry event. A generous-spirited poetry reading at which 12 poets each read one of their own poems, and a poem by a favourite foreign poet. The atmosphere was respectful without being over-precious, and the energy and enthusiasm of the largely young audience was infectious. A wonderful evening. A gift.
This morning, having stayed over, my friend Clare and I visited the botanic gardens. Birdsong, the scent of wallflowers, this and much more:

Earlier this week, an early-morning call from a dear friend, planning to visit Ireland for the first time in July. - Anticipating the fun we will have exploring and discovering new places, or previously-visited, but worth-revisiting sites.

Life is good. Life is full. After days of sunshine, the rain has returned tonight. A necessary drenching for the garden. And if the sun comes out again over the next few days, I'm ready to get out there and weed a bit, tidy a bit, ready for the summer.

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At 6/5/07 4:06 am, Anonymous MsShad said...

I wish I had your life!

At 6/5/07 7:40 am, Anonymous tinker said...

This sounds like a wonderful life to me! xo

At 6/5/07 8:40 pm, Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

You sound so happy - and it's infectious! :)
Thanks for catching us up.
I'm so glad for you that life is good!

At 6/5/07 9:34 pm, Blogger Amber said...

You have been busy with wonderful things! It would be fun to shope for wedding dresses with someone. Such a happy thing! And I can't help but love wedding dresses. I just do. So many beautiful ones!

I wish you would post some pictures of your newly painted home, with your art up on the walls. Your fresh space. ;)


At 6/5/07 10:25 pm, Blogger Tammy said...

You sound very busy but in a very good way.

At 7/5/07 2:13 pm, Blogger Kara said...

I used to really miss someone if they had not posted on their blog for awhile. Then, I might even start to worry about them. Now with all the changes in my own life I realize that if someone hasn't posted for awhile they are likely off living their life.
With your blog I think back to past posts about your house and your new job and I never worry because I think you are out there enjoying your life.
I do love the update you've given us - as chiefbiscuit said - it's an infectious happy

At 11/5/07 3:41 am, Blogger Potato Print said...

Hi Greenish Lady,
I've returned to BlogLand after my big cross-country move. I have missed visiting this blog and your Soul Collage blog.

This is just a delightful post! I experience vicarious pleasure from reading about time spent with your sister, and in the botanical gardens.


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