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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guerrilla Poetry - Poetry Thursday

Life is busy, and I wasn't going to post anything for Poetry Thursday today, and then I realised it's been two weeks already, and the next few weeks will be even busier ones for me, so I thought, OK, let's look again at what the prompt is.

Uh-uh. It's that Guerrilla Poetry thing. Oh. Now what? Here's my tuppence worth:

Why I am not (yet) a guerrilla poet

Because there is an image in my mind
of standing before the supermarket-manager’s desk,
and his finger pointing at the CCTV monitor,
and his shaking voice saying “We have the evidence.
We know you contaminated the frozen food section.
Don’t deny it!”

Because I can see the headline:
Local Poet fined €400 for wanton
littering at bus station.

Because I have a picture of the notice
that will appear on the library notice-board:
Before returning books, please check that you have removed
ALL bookmarks, etc. Library staff’s time is precious!

Because I am a scaredy-cat.
Because I am a big scaredy-cat.
Because I am a big, big scaredy-cat.
Just Because.

But, but, but..... I really, really look forward to seeing what others have done, where they have deposited poems, and hope that maybe it will inspire me, en-courage me, make me a warrior in the path of poetry. Go Guerrilla Poets! Find them HERE

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At 19/4/07 9:32 am, Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

I can certainly relate to some of your concerns! I think its about finding ways of doing it that are in your comfort zone...

At 19/4/07 11:07 am, Blogger Caroline said...

... and avoiding arrest!

Have you sent any of your books out into the world via one of those tracking things... I've forgotten the name... if I remember it I'll return

At 19/4/07 11:54 am, Blogger Pauline said...

sometimes all I need
to ease the fear in me
is one discovered bit
of hidden poetry

At 19/4/07 12:24 pm, Blogger Clockworkchris said...

I think this group made it easy for me, but a year ago I would never have done this. Being published changes things. After that point I stopped caring what others thought so much about the old stuff because I knew it was good. That is obviously what I gave out. I thought this prompt was a bit rediculous because it didn't involve writing, but oh well. Next week will be a new one.

At 19/4/07 3:43 pm, Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Unfortunately, I was too late to even do the prompt but I think I would have had the same trepidations as you...

At 19/4/07 4:24 pm, Blogger Rosa Murillo said...

don't be afraid, people are blind sometimes. I have been leaving art, guerilla-style, out there, for months and months. People don't see, they're too busy running around, too busy to open their eyes to new things.

At 19/4/07 5:11 pm, Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I loved this! I tried to do just that with my friends but no takers!

But I do go to poetry reading.

At 19/4/07 5:34 pm, Blogger Amber said...

I think you are more like a worry-wart! LOL!

Break free! Fly! Leave your cares. What is the worst that can happen, if these things were to happen?


At 19/4/07 5:39 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

You're so fun! The world definitely deserves your poetry. It makes it a better place.

What a playful poem...keep it up!

At 19/4/07 6:49 pm, Blogger Beaman said...

This poem was rather humorous. I enjoyed it. :)

At 19/4/07 7:04 pm, Anonymous split ends said...

What a great way to take on the prompt. I can relate to your hesitations, but I am hoping to work up to posting some of my poetry soon...

Anyway, loved this.

At 19/4/07 11:29 pm, Blogger Jessica said...

very funny poem -- i love the headline.

I did the prompt and I still have the fear of getting caught.Yikes!

At 20/4/07 1:36 am, Blogger Marcia said...

Brilliant to put your fears in a poem, I was with you, just posted a remark about getting done in for littering on another comment, but I am going to give the boys next door a poem, and I have a couple ideas that I might pull off. I know - I will mail one to my ex-boss. .Ha, he'll never see it coming. Thanks, never thought of it 'til I read your poem.

At 20/4/07 7:34 am, Anonymous tinker said...

LOL - oh, thank you Imelda, for your honesty and sense of humor - I can so identify with this post! I've been so to tempted to participate in Rosa Murillo's Found Art prompts - but I'm afraid someone may think I'm either littering or worse, leaving some sort of hazardous substance or device.
But I so enjoy seeing the results of other's courageous guerrila art and poetry -- maybe someday, I'll work up the courage...


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