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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - Inspiration


Today it is in the wind that’s whipping the viburnum about, tossing her new petals with the hail that lashes my windows. Where is inspiration? It’s in movement, in moments of change. When that point of transition is spotted – from one season to another, from one emotion to another – that’s where I find my breath catches, and I want to capture the moment, the essence of that shift.

There’s the word, inspiration, and what I’ve heard of it. It has to do with breath. But for me, it also has to do with spirit. Something moves the spirit. Something catches the attention of spirit and won’t let go. It tugs at the sleeve of spirit, twirls a lock of spirit’s hair round and round, until I pay attention. Not hard, careful, work-like attention, but the kind of attention that’s easy to give, the loose, wandering attention that I might give to a summer’s sky or the flow of people past the window of a coffee-shop.

Inspiration is waiting there, like a puppy, ready to pounce out, hind-quarters in the air, front paws stretched forward, and a lolling, giddy tongue. Woof! Find me! Follow me! I have something to show you. Or inspiration comes swooping like a May-time swallow, dipping, wheeling, calling me into a new dance.

What I know is it can’t be forced. It must be cajoled a little, but not too obviously. It needs to be welcomed with a very open door, and slightly rumpled cushions on the chair I set out for it. Inspiration takes a bite of a sandwich I make for it, but runs for the hills if I try to cook it a hearty meal.

When Inspiration hangs about, life is joyful. There are whispers, and when they are followed, there are treasures. Not gold and diamonds, but feathers and the glint of sunlight on one perfect little puddle – just there, and the reminder of a memory long forgotten. Inspiration calls together past, present and magic to create what’s new, what’s special for now, for this moment, and oh, inspiration gives permission to say That, whatever it may be, and now, just now, not my words, but inspiration reminds me to share these words:

.........................Stop the words now.
....................Open the window the centre of your chest,
....................and let the spirits fly in and out.

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At 18/3/07 12:49 pm, Blogger January said...

I do think we have opposite views on inspiration because for me it's about work. But I like what you said about the word inspiration, coming from breath and spirit.

And I'm glad you were inspired to write this post!

At 18/3/07 4:08 pm, Blogger Remiman said...

GreenishLady ,
I think inspiration is defined differently by each of us. Sylvia Plath's inspiration and mine are worlds apart. Inspiration to me is a stimulus, a directional sign that peeks my interest. Then I am free to follow were it has pointed or ignore it. If we are truly inspired then we will put forth the effort necessary to bring our desires to fruition.

At 18/3/07 4:19 pm, Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, thanks for posting the Rumi poem- I hadn't read that one before...
That's what is so great about inspiration- it's different for everyone- but commonality in the most basic of things is there too!

At 18/3/07 7:01 pm, Blogger Terri /Tinker said...

I love this quote - and this post!
It resonates for me. The imagery of making inspiration a sandwich and it comes - but not if you make it a meal. It conjures up for me the times I've set all of the supplies out on the table, turned off the phone and turned on the music, and then sat waiting, with nothing coming to me. But if I'm doodling on a note pad, whilst on the phone, with the radio on a news program, it may suddenly show up! I'm not sure if that's exactly the sort of thing you meant, but that's how I interpreted it.
Wonderful post!

At 18/3/07 7:25 pm, Blogger Terri /Tinker said...

I came back, because the reference to fixing inspiration a sandwich, made me think of SARK's book, "Inspiration Sandwich," and I wondered if you'd ever read any of her books...

At 18/3/07 8:38 pm, Blogger Tammy said...

Such wonderful images you have created for your inspiration. You writting flair is truly inspirational.

At 18/3/07 9:52 pm, Anonymous MsShad said...

I like the fixing inspiration a sandwich a fascinating idea. Inspirational in itself!

Sure miss your writing more often.

At 18/3/07 9:56 pm, Blogger Becca said...

You have so perfectly described the way inspiration wafts in and out of my the brezze, like the seasons, playful like a puppy...such marvelous images, and they all resonated with my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

And thank you for your wise words on my post today. They are valued and much appreciated :)

At 18/3/07 10:13 pm, Blogger paris parfait said...

The Rumi quote is terrific, as is your post and views of inspiration!

At 18/3/07 10:44 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

I love the way you describe inspiration - especially the puppy...

At 19/3/07 3:44 am, Blogger Mardougrrl said...

"Not hard, careful, work-like attention, but the kind of attention that’s easy to give, the loose, wandering attention that I might give to a summer’s sky or the flow of people past the window of a coffee-shop." I love this, even as I struggle with it. Sometimes I feel as though I am chasing attention everywhere and not quite catching it!

Wonderful images. Are you still working on your Nano novel? I hope so! :)

At 19/3/07 11:07 am, Blogger GreenishLady said...

January and Remiman: I think, as there are many ways of looking at inspiration, I can see it as a "both/and" rather than an "either/or" way. What seemed important about it to me yesterday was this!

Regina Clare Jane & Tinker: The quote was one I heard on the Kaleidosoul group and it just fit perfectly today, I thought. Tinker, you got me exactly right on the sandwich, and no, I've never read Sark's books. I've held them in my hands, and I've looked at her website, but the "Inspiration Sandwich" must have been a subconscious connection!

Mardougrrl: Afraid the Nano novel came to a full stop on 30th November, despite good intentions. It still exists, though, and I'll come back to it sometime.

Everybody! Glad you liked the Rumi, and glad to have you all turn up here. I know I'm not about the blog as often as I used to be, but I still love to check in on all of you!

At 20/3/07 11:18 am, Blogger Potato Print said...

Hi Greenish Lady,

This was so much fun to read. Your use of English is inspirational. There's a rythm to it, and your choice of words shows awareness. I found myself breathing deeply as I read your thoughts. The Rumi quote was just a delicious way to start the day. Thank you for that.

At 20/3/07 4:42 pm, Blogger Wenda said...

I love your view of inspiration and the Rumi quote. Thanks.

At 22/3/07 12:40 am, Blogger Amber said...

I love these word by Rumi. And your thoughts here. I agree with you. i just wish I felt it more often!



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