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Friday, May 18, 2007

Housekeeping---- My blogroll

For months past, I've been reminding myself that the blogroll in my sidebar is out of date. I hadn't kept it up by adding new blogs which I customarily visit (though they're on my favourites on my laptop), and I know there are some defunct blogs which I had kept sitting there (in hope that they might suddenly come back to life - sometime). Some blogpals have moved from Blogger to other (what's the word? Servers?) - You know, Typepad or such, and I hadn't updated their addresses.

Well, my halo should be shining brightly, because I've just spent an hour or more checking that everything over there is up-to-date and shipshape. I realised there are quite a few wonderful blogs I visit that hadn't made it at all into the list, and now that they are there, I am hoping that you too will discover them. So, I'm inviting you to scan the list and go check out one or two of the unfamiliar names.

This exercise has just given me a renewed appreciation of the community of bloggers I've been lucky enough to fall into. There are bloggers who are artists, writers, spiritual thinkers, Mamas, walkers, nature-photographers, poets, dreamers, schemers, wishers, SoulCollagers, cartoonists, crafters, jewelry-makers, teachers, helpers, travellers; People coping with the things life comes along with for all of us. There are empty-nesters, young Mums, people dealing with transition in work, in relationships, in study; people trying out new ways of life; people living with illness, battling and singing; people working through loss and adjusting to gains. I'm tempted to start putting links in here, but then I'd have to be leaving some people out, and I don't want to do that.

What I do want to do is to say thank you to all of my friends in BlogLand for your open-hearted ways, for sharing your days and your art, for your constant presence in my life. I feel very rich for knowing all of you. Every blessing to you all.

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At 18/5/07 3:00 pm, Blogger MAHIMA said...

your link list is interesting (and long. like mine. lol. )am going to visit someone from there today. thanks for sharing all these wonderful links.
speaking of thanks, you deserve many from me. lol.
for the oracle reading. lol.
for the book suggestion and help.
for the great link list.
for adding me to your link list. :)
thank you. :)

At 18/5/07 3:04 pm, Blogger Kara said...

I know my life has become richer from meeting you through blogland. I treasure coming here to read your words and see your pictures. I will definitely go check out the updated links and perhaps spread the joy around and leave some comments too. Blessings back to you dear lady!

At 18/5/07 3:44 pm, Blogger deirdre said...

I've been updating my links too and setting up a bloglines account so I can streamline my daily blog reading. Yes, this community is a gift and I'm so glad to have discovered you too.

At 20/5/07 12:33 am, Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Blogging opens the world up just that bit more - it's great. Congratulations on your tidying up! :)

At 20/5/07 2:42 am, Anonymous Caroline said...

Hi Greenish Lady,
Yes! Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me. I find that many of us are either introverted extroverts or.... extroverted introverts. In any case, the medium works well for us.
I certainly carry part of you with me. You are so thorough and brave in your examination all things spiritual. I guess I take that as a permission slip for myself to further my own inquiry with passion.

At 20/5/07 5:15 am, Blogger Amber said...

I will for sure check it out!
I need to do this, too.


At 21/5/07 7:44 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

Your halo shines!

I've really got to get around to remaking mine...

At 26/5/07 9:34 pm, Blogger Leah said...

Hello Imelda! I'm glad to know you through the wild world of blogging. :-)

By the way, you can switch my name over to Leah instead of Kat cause that's my real name and I'm using it now. xoxo

At 3/6/07 6:05 am, Blogger Wenda said...

I've just had one of those tidying spurts myself. Today it was the insides of cupboards, shelves and the pantry. Don't know what got into me. Guess I was avoiding the dishes or cleaning the bathroom ;-).


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