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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday catch-up

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week is "Second Chance". I've been dancing back and forth towards writing something on the topic, but as the very idea of Sunday Scribbling is to write in the moment and post it, I'm disinclined, because I don't know what will emerge (or, rather yes, I think I DO know what will emerge), and I just don't want to go back again to the angst about the end of my marriage, and the second chance we didn't give it.

See what just happened? I got a chance to bemoan my fate, and I didn't take it! I think maybe, just maybe, friends, I am moving on! If you'd like to read what second chances others have written about go HERE.

Today the sun is out, but there's a chill breeze blowing. Just right to get some laundry dry outdoors, but not for sitting outside. Walking, yes - which I will be doing later on this afternoon, as soon as I've had lunch and finished one or two tasks.

It's been a good weekend for getting things ticked off my mental "to-do" list. I'm good (sometimes) at getting to the big things, but the little ones can slip down, down the list, and so today, I did a bit of clearing, and within an hour had written the cheque, sent the emails, sorted the file of notes, put the recipes away, shelved the books, dumped the junk-mail, typed up the poems, noted the calls to be made tomorrow, and I feel good.

Yesterday, after a couple of months' absence, I put my tracksuit on and headed to the gym! And it was shut! They went off on a training-day, and no-one told me! (How were they to know I'd suddenly decide that today was the day to start - again - getting back into shape?) So, when I got home, I washed my windows. And when that was done, I washed my car! (I have never, never, washed my own car before! - I'm a great believer in the drive-through)

See? Energy, and resolve to get back into good (better, shall we say?) eating habits too, had me make up the most delicious salad for dinner. OK, ok, I did eat it with potatoes, but the balance was 2/3 plate of salad, 1/3 potato! And when I put more food on my plate, it was salad, not potato.

Amber asked to see some of the artwork I was bragging about last week, - saying how happy it makes me to have great pictures for my walls. Unfortunately, my photos of them really do not do any of them justice, but I'll see what I can do:

This was a gift from the artist. Trisha Kelly. Am I not a lucky lady?

To thank me for bringing him into the world, my son made me a gift of this on his 18th birthday. He was having a sentimental moment, and I am very glad to have this soothing, gentle, mystical watercolour on my hallway wall. It's by Gerry O'Mahony

My dear friend Mary walks every day, and as she walks, she observes the walls she passes, and in the shapes in the stone walls, she finds faces and figures, and fantastical worlds, which she then portrays on paper. I've been the lucky recipient of 2 of those (and 2 beautiful portraits by Mary, too). This is one of her 'wall' paintings:
Above my fireplace, I've hung 'The Nectar Seekers'. This is the largest picture in my collection, and the one I've had for the longest time. It must be 15 or 16 years now. It was a gift to me from the artist when she was just completing her studies at art college. Her work has since become quite sought-after, and is varied, rich and full of colour still. I love this piece so much, it became the cover of my book. Christine was very gracious when I asked her permission to use it, and came along to the launch and some of my readings.

And in my little therapy room, I've placed this painting. I bought it at a charity auction a couple of years ago. It's untitled, and I took to calling her the Blue Lady. But I have since come to the conclusion that this is my own Kwan-Yin. I'd been hoping to find a statue of Kwan-Yin, goddess of compassion and healing, and all along, I had this in my house, just waiting to be hung. It's by Brian Gallagher.

I think that's enough for now. Each of these pictures (and the others, which I may share some other time) lifts my heart, reminds me of the artist, the person from whom I received it, the circumstances in which I decided to buy a piece. They carry so much and really make my house more 'home' to me with each day that they grace my walls.

As you can see, this is not a Sunday Scribbling post at all. I'm not looking back at the second chances I didn't get. I'm appreciating all the wonderful chances I have been given and taken instead.

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At 13/5/07 8:43 pm, Blogger lila said...

Fun to see the art work onyour walls...I like Christine Brown's work, especially!
Thanks for visiting my blog! We are having warmer weather than you..but still have the windows open and sit out in the shade!

At 13/5/07 8:49 pm, Anonymous MsShad said...

I like how you often are sneaky about posting about the subject assigned - makes me think harder.

This prompt inspired me to do a Sunday Scribbling too.

At 13/5/07 8:49 pm, Blogger January said...

What wonderful pieces of art!

Glad you found your resolve and are doing the things that make you happy.

(Your story about the gym made me laugh. Better luck next time!)

At 14/5/07 5:01 pm, Blogger Amber said...

Hi! I came by yesterday and tried to tell you how much I LOVE your art, and the color on your walls too. But it wouldn't let me leave a comment. :(

Anyway, I hope this works. I do love all of it. We have the same taste in art, I see! all the bold color, and the meaningful images. Makes me want to show some of what I have on my walls, and to invest in more work by people I know. Can't wait to see more!


At 16/5/07 5:33 pm, Blogger KerrdeLune (Cate) said...

The art on your walls, the vivid colour and this whole post were wonderful and just what I needed to read this morning - thank you!!! I shall have to get back to Sunday scribbling.


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