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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Check-in Week 10

If it wasn't for Poetry Thursday, I wouldn't have made any appearance here between check-in posts this week. This is not good enough! Well, it all depends on whether the week's topics bring up something, too, and I wasn't around the early part of the week. Even so, I did get to spend time working on (most of) the tasks. I decided that Workaholism quiz does not apply to me, and likewise that Bottom Line task. - Don't need to do it. I know in the past when I've said that, it meant I was resisting, or denying an obvious truth, but trust me, I am not a workaholic. I don't have a JOB. I volounteer a few hours a week, I take on short-term tutoring or facilitation projects. I am very good at saying NO. So I said NO to doing those two things this week.

And now for the Check-In:
Morning Pages: For the first time since we started, I missed a morning. I was travelling, had an early start, and hoped to stop for coffee on my journey and do them during the day, but somehow, didn't feel like it when it came to it. Have they changed since reading them? I have no idea. I don't feel any different writing them, so I don't think so. But it has made me want to honour the pages more, so I collaged a "Morning" onto the cover of the notebook I'll be using up until July (if I don't miss too many more mornings!)

Artist Date: See below. Yes, a library visit was long overdue, so I spent half-an-hour there, got a couple of videos, and the travel-books to help me start to plan my trip for May. YESSS! Then, I took a trip out of town to a small gallery that has an exhibition of work by a popular, highly respected Irish artist. Interesting! It didn't impress me hugely, and still, it was well worth seeing, for that fact alone. I'm not a visual artist, but the same probably applies to writing and painting: Not everyone will love everything you produce, even if the critics do, so you might as well just produce it anyway, and pay no attention to "them". I also enjoyed the drive, with signs of spring - a deepening greening happening, catkins, lambs, roadside strips full of daffodils. Cheerful. Light.

Synchronicities were thin on the ground this week. Hmmm.

Other Issues? Maybe I'm tired, Maybe I'm lazy. No. There are no other issues this week. Oh, I didn't want to do those Deadlies. But I did them. Yes, the ones I didn't want to face came up again and again. Yes, I'll be kind to myself about them. Oh.... and yes, I realise there are places over these weeks where I've set goals, or made plans within the pages of the AW journal in response to these exercises, but haven't followed up on them, carried them out. This week there are promises made. I wrote them down. But I need to make sure they don't get lost. Empty words... So I'll have to write them somewhere else too.

And one other thing... A friend came to visit, caught sight of my Precious Object poster (which has since been further embellished with bows, rose-petals, tiny dollies, glittery stickers), and was very approving of the sentiment. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt proud! Now, that is change!

OK. That was week. Week 11, here I come!


At 19/3/06 2:00 am, Blogger Laura said...

Yay! In the home stretch - and what a wonderful Artist's Date!

At 19/3/06 9:47 pm, Blogger Kara said...

Greenishlady it all sounds like progress. I wish I could see what a deepening greening looks like. Maybe someday. Did I understand this post and last post that you are coming to California in May! That is great. Have fun with the planning!

At 20/3/06 12:10 pm, Blogger Endment said...

Isn't it great to see the end of the questions coming closer.

How wonderful that you have missed so few days writing.

Your artist date sounds just lovely


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