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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Week 9 and now... Week 10

I've been absent for a few days, and so the end of week 9, and the beginning of week 10 have gone uncommented on until now here, but I feel this has to be remedied. - Otherwise, I might just let the whole thing slip away.

Ah. Week 9 was dominated by the intermiable task of reading those Morning Pages. What did I learn from doing that? That there was something on most pages I wanted to mark; that I needed to use markers for synchronicity and dreams as well as insights and actions; that many of the actions were already underway or completed (so I'm not the lazy procrastinator I accuse myself of being); that writing something down seems to give it a power, make it more real; that yes, I moved day to day from one feeling to another, and the pages held; that I value this process, enough to find myself this morning, as I began another Morning Pages journal, for the first time, decorating the cover of the notebook I'll be using through to July.

Of the other Week 9 tasks, I didn't do the Visualisation as suggested, but some aspects of this task are being incorporated into my Dream/Seed Scrapbook. I'll be coming back to complete it as suggested in the book.

Check-In, then.
Morning Pages: Did 7 days. Regarding U-turns, I didn't have any major ones to beat myself up over. I did follow through the big things. It's holding back, stopping, stalling, slowing down that stops my creative projects rather than outright U-turns. I'm inclined to have a plan, follow it, and with the first success, say "That's that, then" and stop, instead of building on the success.

My Artist Date didn't take long, but was very inspiring, very rich. I went to look around a stonecutter's yard, where they produce the most fantastic garden statuary and ornaments - Enormous Buddhas, elephants, stags, lions, dolphins, beautiful stacks of slate becoming water-features, little frogs spitting water... I've passed the place a few times, and it has called me. That day, I answered, and it was worth seeing. I'll be back.

Synchronicity. Hmmm. I heard about someone doing just the thing I've been dreaming about and creating my Dream/Seed Scrapbook for. This is a friend of a friend. I could maybe go visit, see their set-up. There were a few other small synchronicities. This was the one that said "You asked! Here you are!"

Other issues: The task of reading the pages kept me from all the other tasks until the very end of the week, and maybe from other creative work, too. I did it, because it's what the book says to do. I wouldn't let myself stop, plodded on, even though it was drudgery, but rewarding too in ways. I'm not sorry I did it, but have a nagging feeling the energy could have gone into something else.

Another awareness or realisation that was important this week came from observing someone else following their intuition and instincts, and what I've realised is that if I choose to take risks, do something new, follow my gut, I have to make sure it is a choice made on my own behalf, not anyone else's; that I'm only taking my own chances. I suppose that sounds very obtuse. It is, but it was and is meaningful to me.

It was a tiring week, I was travelling too, and am not quite recovered yet. Week 10 has been passing, and although I read the chapter, I'm not sure I can say what it's about, and haven't done any tasks yet, either. I feel the need for something to lift me, inspire me, give me energy. Maybe the dull, blah feeling that hit a few people in weeks 7 and 8 has reached me now? .... I'm still here, anyway. Oh... and the picture is my SoulCollage card of The Mystical Child. I put it there just because!


At 16/3/06 3:31 am, Blogger Kara said...

Yeah, GreenishLady returns! I guess I've made enough of a connection to almost begin to worry about you - since you were posting to your 48 X 365 blog I knew you were okay. It's a strange unexpected blogging experience to know people in this way and yet not really know them - so when they disappear you wonder if something great happened (optimistic side) or fear something bad happened (pessimistic side). When I started my blog I didn't see this expreience as being a part of it. Anyway, I'm glad you posted - and really you weren't gone long - just long for how you normally post. Makes me happy to read it tonight!
What a task reading all your morning pages! I am in awe at your ability to stick with the Artist Way tasks.
You have my interest buzzing with the idea of a dream/seed scrapbook. I'm not quite sure what you mean - but it sure makes me come up with ideas. I hope you'll say more about it in future posts.
Love the mystical child card. Are those turtles?

At 16/3/06 11:37 am, Blogger Endment said...

Welcome back --- You were missed!
I am with Kara --- Your comments about a Dream/Seed Scrapbook spark my interest --- Waiting to hear more.

Your artist date sounds very inspiring. I love sculpture. (any photos?

At 16/3/06 3:22 pm, Blogger GreenishLady said...

Aw, it's nice to know I was missed. Kara, yes those are turtles. Odd juxtaposition, perhaps, but I felt they have something to do with ancient wisdom... They just seemed to belong there. I'm sorry, Endment. I took no photographs on the Artist Date, but will be returning there again, and plan to take some then. And now I'm afraid I've gone and made a big, mysterious deal of the Dream/Seed scrapbook. I'll post a bit about it later in the week. It's nice to be back among my Blogging friends. I too find I notice when someone's "missing" for a while, and wonder/worry about it. Well... here I am.

At 17/3/06 9:17 pm, Blogger In Otter Space said...

Way to go for reading your MPs all the way through. It reminded me of those turtles on your soul collage card...slowly and steadly reading all your pages. What a Good Girl ;-)
I've been more like the hare, hopping around, re-reading some but not all. Kinda' ironic huh? I agree the time could have been better spent in creativity, esp. since the creative fires seems so hot these days.
The stonecutter's yard sounds cool (just the name alone has a great ring to an old and treasured place). I would love to see pictures. The stacks of slate with water running over them made me feel so tranquil.


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