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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Detective Work

  1. My favourite childhood toy was paper cut-out dressing-up dolls, with lots of clothes with little tabs.
  2. My favourite childhood game was (one I remember) cooking - mud cake and dandelion-head cheese souffle. I never saw a real cheese souffle, but loved the sound and idea of it.
  3. The best movie I ever saw as a kid was Pinnochio (also the most frightening, though. - That wolf! Scary!)
  4. I don't do it much, but I enjoy crocheting patchwork quilts
  5. If I could lighten up a little, I'd let myself say YES to all K's hints about trying bellydancing.
  6. If it weren't too late, I'd learn to play the guitar.
  7. My favourite musical instrument is the cello. The cello has a rich, brown sound.
  8. The amount of money I spend on treating myself to entertainment each month is... it varies, but I'm not mean with myself. I go to theatre, concerts (Dylan last year, for instance), eat out, movies. How much? 60 euro? Approx.
  9. If I weren't so stingy with my artist (huh?) I'd buy her a weekend at a retreat centre
  10. Taking time out for myself is... utterly possible! My life is for myself now. There is no-one I'd be stealing time from.
  11. I am afraid that if I start dreaming, I'll get carried away with grandiose ideas that aren't practical, and I'll end an impoverished object of derision.
  12. I secretly enjoy reading... there isn't anything I secretly read. There are people who wonder what I see in Stephen King... (?)
  13. If I had had a perfect childhood, I'd have grown up to be loud, full-of-myself. (Maybe?) - Well, ok - more confident than I was in my teens and twenties, more able to figure out who I was, more willing to try new things. Ok. Not loud. Just sure of myself. Present. Grounded. Self-aware.
  14. If it didn't sound so crazy, I'd write a proposal for my Healing Holidays idea. Make a model of my centre
  15. My parents think artists are admirable, out of their league, special, not like them... but believe that we (my siblings and I) can be artists.
  16. My God thinks artists are a way of communicating His word, attuned and called to use their talents He has given them.
  17. What makes me feel wierd about this recovery is a feeling that I'm really close to having it all sussed, and a fear that that's grandiosity. BUT also a fairly grounded sense that I am recovering my self. What really makes me feel wierd is the feeling that I've been happy the past fortnight 'cos I'm spending time with someone I'm getting to know and love. - It's a romance. It's a new love - with MYSELF. That's how it feels. Aaaah. Derek Walcott's poem that I printed out - Love after Love. So true
  18. Learning to trust myself is probably a lifelong, cyclical, spiralling process. I trust, I act, I falter and doubt, I struggle, I learn to trust again.... and so on.
  19. My most cheer-me-up music is from the early 70's. James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Neil Young...
  20. My favourite way to dress is - swirly skirt, colours, some jewelery, little cardigans, scarves, flat comfortable shoes.


At 25/1/06 5:49 am, Blogger Theresa Williams said...

Ah, how can I manage NOT to comment on an entry that was posted on my 50th Birthday!?! Many thanks for your visit to my blog and for your compliments on my collages. I'll have to check your blog out more carefully. I looked at your bio--you love Cat Stevens and so do I!

At 25/1/06 3:42 pm, Blogger Kara said...

You've made me remember all the mudpies and mud soups I made as a kid. Wow - that was fun. Thanks for this post - there are many things I enjoyed about it. Thanks for the poem link too.

At 25/1/06 9:08 pm, Blogger In Otter Space said...

I loved your list so much I borrowed from it a few items for my list. I hope you don't mind. Your words were an inspiration to me.
Thanks, Lisa

At 26/1/06 2:04 am, Blogger Blue Dog said...

I love that you imagine the cello as having a "brown" sound--seeing colors in sounds--the mark of a TRUE artist! great list!

At 26/1/06 3:12 am, Blogger In Otter Space said...

I like your definiton...
re(dis)covery. A very nice insight. Thanks for helping me see it in a better light. Lisa
P.S. My mom's family came from Dingle Bay.


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