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Friday, January 20, 2006

Gratitudes and Other Things

Coming to the end of week 2, I spent some time today at a few of the tasks, and generally mulling over how it's been - and I noticed something. I keep a "Gratitude Journal", in which, each night, just before sleep, I write Ten things from today for which I am grateful. I very often find myself repeating a few of the standard blessings for which I am always thankful - air to breathe, friends, my son... but the past week has seemed richer in some way. I seem to be noticing small things for which I am exceedingly grateful - the single crocus bud showing its cream colour, a slice of orange, an old favourite song turning up on the radio - and think this is part of the effect of the Artist's Way. Noticing. Being aware. There are nights I want to let my list run on to 11, 12... (there have been nights I have!) In any event, I now find myself feeling grateful for having so many things to be grateful for.

Other Things
Besides that, I noticed that I'm doing something I also did last time regarding the tasks. Resisting a number of them, telling myself I don't need to do that particular one (pick your excuse, but it boils down to "because I'm so highly evolved, I don't need to learn that particular lesson"), and then, when I make myself try it anyway, there are new learnings, new insights there for me anyway. For instance, because I "believed" each of the affirmations, I thought I didn't have to work with them. Well, I made myself repeat the list aloud twice, and realised that there was ONE to which my inner self was making a very sceptical "Oh Yeah?" response. - I am willing to experience my creative energy. I realised I doubt that, I doubt how much energy there is there, and whether I'm willing to let it flow, and then, writing on it, this is what I said:

But, even if I doubt it, it is flowing. The evidence is around me - in my home, in my life. I have creative energy. I'd be a dead thing if I didn't. And the more aligned I become, - through the "spiritual tai-chi" of the morning pages, the more the energy will flow. - This is how it works. You don't have to believe in the energy to feel its effect.

Just writing that built energy. Doing this builds energy.

Those have been some of my almost-ended week 2 musings!


At 20/1/06 9:30 pm, Blogger Leah said...

truly awesome insights!

i remember the last time i did the aw that i was suddenly much more aware of the small things. makes life richer doesn't it? :-)

At 21/1/06 1:58 am, Blogger Terri /Tinker said...

I love the idea of a "gratitude journal"! Although I often count my blessings as I go to sleep, it would be good to have some physical, visual reminder for those low times. Thank you for sharing this idea!

At 21/1/06 5:26 am, Blogger Kara said...

Yes, I have noticed small things. And gratitude hits me in waves. Usually connected to noticing the small things. Lovely post - thank you.

At 21/1/06 10:09 pm, Blogger krista said...

yes, i think your writing that not only built energy, but spread some my way as well. I am grateful that you are sharing your insights about this process. I am sort of teetering on the edge of wanting to pack it in, and reading this (and other people's) insights keeps poing me back in.

I think like you were doing, I am doubting my creative energy, and its making me want to quit.

At 21/1/06 10:10 pm, Blogger krista said...

Oh my god. I have a hilarious typo in there. Sorry. Haha.

I wrote: "and reading this (and other people's) insights keeps poing me back in."

I meant ROPING me back in. no Poing me back in.


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