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Monday, January 16, 2006

One week past, another one beginning

Having just returned from a few days away from computer and home, there are a lot of blogs to catch up on, and so much has been happpening for so many people on the Artists Way... I just want to say Well done, everyone, Well done. Well done to everyone who says they plan to doggedly work through it, doing it as laid down, going through exercises in turn. And well done to everyone who's deciding to adjust, re-fit, work with the bits that excite them. It will be very interesting at the end to see what's happened for us all. I fall somewhere in the middle - doing Morning Pages every day (well, I did in week 1, even the morning I had an exam to sit, and the mornings I was travelling), planning and taking Artists Dates. But I can't face doing ALL the exercises again. Some seem they will just be repeats, but when I made myself go ahead and do the 5 lives - amazing little doors opening that are very exciting for me.

Anyone noticing a pattern of But... and then... but here? It's exciting, isn't it? My Week 1 check-in crystallised that idea that my critic has learnt to let me do certain things, but not others. My challenge is to teach him that it's ok for me to risk new things. ... And on the subject of doing that, I was inspired after I listed the 5 lives to take one, and start planning for it... pipe-dreaming... and then to get a scrap-book to paste in images related to it (I know I'm being coy and not saying what the life is... let it sit in its own dark space to germinate a little longer before I bring it out into the light).

Also, out of the exercises and the check-in, I realised I have a huge, huge gallery of creative champions, and precious few creative monsters (if any, in reality). To write about my creative champions made me feel Very rich, very blessed, very lucky.

Good to be back. .... Oh. And my other modification of the Artists Way. Sunday suits me much better to start a week... so from now on I'm going to be one day behind.

And... my artist's date for week 1 involved buying a scrapbook and coloured pencils... and my artist's date for week 2 was a trip to see Breakfast on Pluto - marvellous movie. Aaah!


At 17/1/06 5:32 pm, Blogger Leah said...

what a wonderful week you've had! i'm excited to hear about your dreaming and planning around one of your lives. that's wonderful. and inspiring. :-)


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