Originally Blogging the Artist's Way. Thoughts, musings, experience of the 12-week course, January to March 2006. And after that?.... Life, creativity, writing. Where does it all meet? Here, perhaps.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm experimenting to see if I can add a picture to the blog. Sunset over Mull in September of last year (2005) Pretty, isn't it?


At 16/1/06 10:48 pm, Blogger Kara said...

wow - a picture - glad to see you are figuring it out. a cheer goes out to you from me. And I love what you wrote giving a report of your week one. The picture is beautiful too.

At 17/1/06 11:50 am, Blogger Amy said...

Beautiful picture! Glad your Artist's Dates are turning out to be special. Have fun as the rest of the course unfolds!


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