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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Twenty things

Twenty things I enjoy doing
1 Chop vegetables
2 Make SoulCollage cards
3 Snuggle in a blanket on the couch watching a movie
4 Explore new places
5 Gather shells and pebbles
6 Eat out with sisters and friends
7 Have friends in for coffee / meals
8 Dip between 3 or 4 poetry books at a time for an hour or two
9 Breakfast outdoors (in the right weather)
10 Play with paint - oils especially
11 Grow things from seed
12 Papier mache - vases, bowls, boxes
13 Play with beads
14 Crochet patchwork
15 Go to afternoon movies
16 Walks in woods
17 Picnic
18 Drive alone with loud music playing
19 Surf the net
20 Hear people's Auntie and Granny stories

.... Most exercises are written out in my notebook. Here I sat at the PC to do this. Don't know why. And I find many are things I do quite often. None are going to feel forbidden. Well... Let's see which one I'll do next. I like the idea of a winter picnic. Maybe not the reality, but the idea is nice. - A flask of hot chocolate is essential, I think.


At 19/1/06 3:37 am, Blogger Kara said...

I would love to see your SoulCollage cards sometime. Are you working from Seena B Frost's book? I've seen it on Amazon and been tempted.

At 19/1/06 9:09 am, Blogger Kathryn said...

I have Seena Frost's book but haven't yet made a card. It's a marvelous concept. I think I'm daunted though.

I love your list! I share some of your interests.


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