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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Organics... Sunday Scribbling... and another year gone by

Sunday Scribbling's prompt today is "Organic" What does the word mean to you? I've resisted the temptation to go in search of the official meaning before I respond. I've always taken it to have something to do with having respect for the integrity of an organism... allowing natural growth, for instance, without interfering with the use of chemicals and forcing rapid growth. Mostly, it relates to plants, I suppose, but I use the word more often in conversation in terms of internal human processes, and relate to it as a benign force. I find the idea of organic growth comforting - that what's happening is in line with the natural order, I suppose, and in that sense I use it when I speak of our emotional and psychological lives.

Do you remember the movie "Being There"? Chance the Gardener didn't know a lot, but he knew about gardening, and when he spoke of the natural processes of growth and decay, of awaiting the right season for activity, people around him took deep meaning from what he said. I've always found analogies between gardening and life to mean a great deal. I trust that when it feels like nothing is happening, when everything seems dark and dead, that under the surface, life is stirring, shoots are beginning to move towards the light, and that when Spring returns, they will break through the surface, fresh and green. That's been the one fact of life that I've relied on in my most difficult times. I trust that there is an organic process at work, that the soul knows its way, as I described in one of my SoulFragments blog-posts.

Yesterday was my Blogaversary! 3 years, and what a 3 years it's been! I can hardly believe that, in fact! I know the past year has been scrappy. I went into a cocoon space after my mother's death, and during the past few months I've felt bad about all the blogs I haven't kept up with. - People whose lives have come to be a part of mine, and yet, I've not have the energy to keep up with what's happening for you all.

Can I wish each of you a Happy New Year? And say that even when I don't make appearances at your blogs, or here so much, everything you've given me in your sharing has been part of what has sustained me during the past months.

I'm in a good place now, in fact. The grief process is moving, moving through me - or me through it.

I spent 10 days in Argentina, visiting my son, and what a change that was! Christmas dinner (of the best beef in the world!), in a summer night-time garden, with his friends. I relaxed, read, and we did some touring around Buenos Aires. Beautiful city, but the most special thing about it was that I got to be there with my boy. We visited Eva Peron's resting-place, the museum of Fine Art, and went to see a Tango show. Wow!

So, 2008 is past. 2009's begun. Here's to my 4th year of blogging. I don't know what's ahead, but I think it will develop in its own organic fashion, given time and trust, and if I turn my attention here from time to time. Here's to a good year for all of you, my Sunday Scribbling friends, my blogging friends of all sorts.

Blessings to you.

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At 11/1/09 4:47 pm, Blogger anno said...

Happy New Year and Happy Blogaversary to you! I hope this next year brings you peace and joy. I, for one, always enjoy watching your place, looking for whatever signs of green (or purple or gold or red!) might be working their way out of the ground. Wishing you well...

At 11/1/09 6:01 pm, Blogger Tumblewords: said...

A lovely post! Lovely! Surely 2009 brings much hope and promise...

At 11/1/09 6:50 pm, Blogger floreta said...

what a great post. i love your view on 'organic' being emotional and psychological as well.. and the metaphor of gardening/plants to life. i have often thought of relationships like watering a flower, but if you water it too much, you drown it.. you need more air and space to breathe..

At 11/1/09 8:00 pm, Blogger Becca said...

Happy new year to you as well! Thank you for sharing this positive hope and vision for new growth...I needed to hear that today :)

At 11/1/09 11:21 pm, Blogger Granny Smith said...

"Being There" was one of my favorite movies. I'm glad to see such a positive view of the prompt. It is also beautifully written.

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! And happy new year to you.

At 12/1/09 4:57 am, Blogger Olivia said...

Happy New Year, Imelda, and happy blogaversary to you as well. I am so glad that you ended the year well in Argentina. Peace and well wishes, O

At 12/1/09 6:32 am, Blogger Amber said...

Blessings to you, too! Happy New year to you.

Have you any pictures of your trip?


At 12/1/09 7:19 am, Anonymous missalister said...

I share your feeling of comfort in the letting of a growing thing grow. And where humans are concerned, I have the same belief as you do that growth is indeed happening when it appears nothing is happening. It took a time to learn to wait, but now I believe and feel the excitement of waiting to see what is produced from the seeming fallowness.

Happy Blogaversay! And happy 2009 : )

At 12/1/09 7:41 am, Blogger Caroline said...

Happy New Year and Blogaversary!

I like your take on organic - I wish I hadn't done organic chemistry as part of my A-level chemistry since I couldn't get past that and so didn't attempt this prompt!

Sounds like a wonderful way to have spent Christmas.

At 12/1/09 3:40 pm, Blogger see you there! said...

You write with such authenticity. I really enjoyed reading this post.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and do please peek in again soon. I enjoy every comment but I get a special buzz when it is from someone in another country. Like pen friends I had in years gone by.

Happy Blogaversary!


At 12/1/09 6:34 pm, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Happy blog anniversary! Your trip to Argentina sounds amazing. Here's to 2009!

At 13/1/09 5:36 am, Blogger Tammie Lee said...

So nice to read your post and feel your heart and read of your life. I feel happy that you had a wonderful time with your son and good time away.

I really like your take on organic: "I find the idea of organic growth comforting - that what's happening is in line with the natural order,".
How great that you are trusting that your life is unfolding as it should. Sounds like a graceful way to move into each moment, day and new year. Wishing you a wonderful 2009!

At 14/1/09 12:13 am, Anonymous bluebethley said...

Dear Greenish Lady. May 2009 be a very good year for you, whatever unfolds! Thank you also for visiting my sites. I too am pleased by the synchronicities. We are traveling in South America just now for the next 6 months and will spend March in Buenos Aires also. Since we have left home behind (Oregon) and are on the road, I appreciate the community of Sunday Scribblers and the way each week the posts inspire us to write. May 2009 be a very good year for you. Beth

At 19/1/09 4:06 am, Anonymous tinker said...

Wishing you a belated (but heartfelt) happy blogaversary - and a very happy New Year, Imelda!


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