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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Scrbblings: Observations

Sunday is almost done, so if I want to post something while it's still actually sunday, then I'd want to make it pretty quick.

Observation of self: I've noticed that I've hesitated to come post anything here. See the gap? Well, I haven't been home all the time, that's true, but I've been about some of the time, and still haven't posted. And the why is connected to returning to "normal"; a sense that, after my mother's death, nothing else is important enough to blog about. Well, it's not about what's important always. Just what is. But part of me was feeling odd about that. So I've decided I just need to post something to break past that.

Some of you wanted to know how my trip to the US was.

While my visit to the US this year was cut short, I still had almost 2 weeks of a wonderful holiday there. I got to attend and assist at the SoulCollage® training at Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California, during my first four days. When I left there, I thought I'd be travelling down Highway 1 by the coast to Los Angeles, but I hadn't reckoned with the forest fires, and found myself having to turn back just as I reached Big Sur and travelling an alternative route. The delay meant I found myself stopping for an overnight stay in Summerland, near Santa Barbara. I treated myself to a room at a beautiufl inn, with every luxury. As they say in certain adverts... I'm worth it!

My five days in Los Angeles were wonderful - visiting with a dear friend, relaxing, chatting, visiting LACMA, (The Chicano art exhibit! The Japanese art!); eating good food, making SoulCollage together, chatting... On 4th July, we went into the old part of the city for a wonderful Mexican lunch; visited the Cathedral,
Union station and the Disney music centre. And that night, unplanned, we found fireworks, right in the neighbourhood. I love fireworks. I don't get to see them often, but I just love them. There was the sheer excitement of being in that place - the initial thrill of entering the city, driving down Laurel Canyon, crossing Sunset Boulevard! I was so proud of myself for navigating my way to within yards of my friends front-door, though that delight in my arrival became somewhat overshadowed by my panic and upset when I simply couldn't find my way on that last short leg of the journey (later discovered the reason was a wrongly-transcribed address!). All was well that ended well, and I just loved my time in LA.
When I set off to drive back to the Bay Area, I knew I'd need to make an overnight stop, but wasn't sure quite where that would be. It turned out to be at a motel in Salinas. There were fire-fighters staying there, coming in, going out, ... a row of firetenders parked in the parking lot. Smoke on the hills. One young man asked me to keep them all in my prayers. I did.
On Sunday, I drove on, skirting San Francisco, (with the intention to return to the city a few days later to join my son for some sightseeing), to arrive at the home of my adopted American family. They take me to their hearts. We hang out. We visit fabric shops and Lacis in Berkeley - a museum of lacemaking. We shop for groceries. I'm planning to be with them for a few days more before the rendezvous with my son, and then heading off for more northern parts of California, and on into Oregon and Washington state.

And then, word came that my mother had passed away peacefully, and I needed to get home. My wonderful friends held me, prayed with me, made sure, once I'd made travel arrangements, that I got safely to the airport and through check-in.
My American sojourn this year ended in a way I couldn't have expected, but I'm so glad I got to be there, and that I have those memories. I'm so happy to have met the wonderful people I encountered again on this trip. I'm so looking forward to returning again... next year, maybe... Maybe next year.


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At 18/8/08 1:08 am, Blogger Deirdre said...

And next year we'll definitely have a glass of wine and conversation.

At 18/8/08 4:09 am, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I suspect you're dealing with a form of writer's block, so good for you to just write something. Thanks for sharing your journey!

At 18/8/08 6:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great observations! Perhaps the very act of observing helps reconnect with the world around us.

At 18/8/08 3:38 pm, Blogger see you there! said...

There's always next year and when the time comes for you to be in Berkeley again I'd love to meet you. Lacis is one of my favorite shops. I hang around the 4th Street shops most of the time tho.
Are you familiar with Castles in the Air?


At 18/8/08 3:45 pm, Blogger danni said...

good for you for breaking out - you are 100% right - nothing is as important as that person we lose, everything else seems trivial, mundane, and of no importance - but making an effort to re-establish familiar routines like blogging are often a soothing balm just because it brings order and purpose to the upheaval --- bless you!!!

At 18/8/08 10:13 pm, Blogger Laurie said...

You "skirted San Francisco"? How COULD you?!

Isn't it fun to travel on your own? I love it.

Lovely pictures.

At 19/8/08 11:38 am, Blogger nonizamboni said...

For breaking past the inability to write what felt meaningful I send up a huge assortment of fireworks, dear one!
And I enjoyed reading about your trip to California. It sounded wonderful and fun-filled.

At 19/8/08 2:14 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

Thank you for telling about your holiday - I'd so wanted to hear more but knew you had other things on your mind so hadn't wanted to ask.

I'm so glad you were with such lovely people when you heard.

At 19/8/08 4:34 pm, Anonymous tinker said...

You should be well proud of yourself for navigating your way through the maze of LA freeways and traffic! I seldom go into the LA area anymore, because it has gotten even more congested, in recent years, than ever before. I see three orb shapes in your photo of the inn - and is that Olvera Street in one of the photos? To think you were only a couple of hours away...I'm glad you got to enjoy some of your time out here, Imelda. That must have been so difficult, being so far away at such a sad time - I'm glad you had good friends beside you.((Hugs))

At 20/8/08 12:00 am, Blogger lila said...

I'm sure you will return!
Thanks for sharing! It was so good that you were able to go to the soul collage workshop.

At 20/8/08 1:35 am, Blogger said...

I'm so sorry to read about your mother. You are in my thoughts and prayer.
Many Hugs,

At 21/8/08 12:13 am, Blogger Tammie Lee said...

Nice to read you post.
I also am attempting to be with what is, over what I deem important or desirable.
Summerland is so much my homeland. I spent 25 years in Santa Barbara and Summerland beach is a lovely spot.

Gosh, we never know what each day will bring. sounds like you had a bittersweet visit to the U.S.

Holding you in my heart.

At 27/8/08 11:09 am, Blogger Aisling said...

Your trip looks like a beautiful idyll. I'm so glad you have those wonderful memories. It is nice to read your thoughts about the trip and about the support your friends offered as you learned about your mom passing.


At 28/8/08 12:58 am, Blogger Suzann said...

So sorry for your loss - may your wonderful memories sustain you in the difficult times. I am so glad you visited my blog so I "found" you. :) Your US trip sounds wonderful - I so want to go to a Soul Collage training in Soquel.

Hugs across the miles - you and your family are in my prayers.

At 28/8/08 2:18 pm, Blogger Karen said...

Such a beautiful entry--and so wise. Everything and nothing is important, compared to the big stuff. We still have to live, still have to keep going, and there's still plenty of joy to experience and share and give. We keep writing, keep creating, keep reaching out to each other, because that's what we're supposed to do...

At 30/8/08 6:41 pm, Blogger Amber said...

I am so happy you had a great time here. Next year we will have to meet up, okay??


At 1/9/08 2:01 am, Blogger Diane said...

I love your pictures and wonder how you are doing.

take care of yourself.

hope you are back scribbling soon.

At 6/9/08 4:42 am, Blogger Wenda said...

Looking forward to seeing you back here... when you're ready.

At 6/9/08 5:17 am, Blogger Fran aka Redondowriter said...

It was great to hear and see some highlights of your trip. Most of the places you visited are some of my own favorites. I was sorry to hear about your mom's passing. I know we've e-mailed since then, but I'm thinking of you now.


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