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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Well... if you saw that cloud, wouldn't you pull over to take the picture too?

And now that I look at the photo, what about the figure in the top-left?



At 2/7/08 3:52 pm, Blogger Amber said...

That also looks like a whale face, just swimming into the picture.


At 3/7/08 6:22 am, Blogger Tammie Lee said...

You know I would...pull over!

At 3/7/08 9:50 am, Anonymous Intan (Lady in Red) said...

Giving the whole meaning to 'whale-watching'! Nicely captured...

If it was me, I wouldn't notice a thing because I'd be so tensed watching the road.. LOL!

At 3/7/08 5:14 pm, Blogger lila said...

Fun photo! You must be doing many wonderful artistic things with the soul collage group! Enjoy!

At 6/7/08 1:51 am, Blogger said...

Very cool photo! Reminds me of the dolphins in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

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Hope to see you,

At 7/7/08 4:37 pm, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Fun! Looks like you're having a great trip.

At 7/7/08 10:55 pm, Blogger Aisling said...

I'm so glad you shared your cloud-watching with us. A little slice of vacation, for those of us at home!

Hope all is well on your travels!

At 9/7/08 3:45 am, Blogger The Real Mother Hen said...

I would have said, "look, aliens are coming"

Oh yeah, Aliens love to disguise as whales.

At 11/7/08 5:32 am, Anonymous tinker said...

Whale watching in the sky - wonderful! Hope you're enjoying your time out here, and that it's not too smokey where you are. Take care and have fun!

At 13/7/08 5:11 pm, Anonymous robin bird said...

looks like a bunny rabbit :) and how about your eagle eye for a whale in the sky!? how are you doing?? i haven't been over for awhile...i see you are still on your journey. have fun! we will look forward to your writing and photos when you return.


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