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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Creative Every Day. Week 1

In this first week of the challenge set by Leah to live more creatively I thought there would be slim pickings around here. I'm not writing, painting, drawing. I don't even have yarn on knitting needles at the moment. Yet I felt drawn to sign up, and to see in what ways I could give more attention to the things I've been doing.

I got my camera out again. I'd neglected it in recent times.

When I went to make soup, I snapped this picture. These vegetables became my own version of Mulligatawny soup, which , along with some oatcakes, made this evening's supper. Absolutely delicious, I must say. And I can feel very virtuous, in that there was barely a scintilla of olive oil in it, and no other fat. Just good veggies and lovely curry flavour. Rich and satisfying. Yummy.

There was more soup. Wonderful creamy red pepper soup, too - all in quantities to allow for a freezer stocked with soup for quite a while. And chilli. It must have been the drop in temperatures that preceded the first snowfall of the winter here that made me want to stock up on richly filling, warming foods.

And while I peeled and chopped, stirred and tested, I ruminated and planned, wondered and wished, and my intentions and plans for the coming year coalesced into shape. Drawing on what I'd said on my first post on the subject, and the idea of a single word to be a talisman, a watchword throughout the year, as Christine Kane suggests, I decided that Prayerfulness would be the word I want to permeate my actions this year. It fits into the intentions I'd stated already. In ways it's about mindfulness, too, but with gratitude.

Then, yesterday, I did a reading of my SoulCollage cards to choose four to be my guides through the year. I posted about it on my SoulFragments blog. As a way of keeping those four guides present to me during the year, I followed Noelle Remington's directions and made a little accordion-book with copies of my four cards, and the words associated with them from this reading. I've never made anything like this before, but I must have been ready, because I had a huge choice of papers and cards to choose from to make it. I chose purplish-shades, as the chakra-energy that emerged was the 6th chakra, and I thought this colour was close. Here is the finished product. I'm really pleased with it. The cards are on the front, the words on the back., and it all ties up in a pretty starry package.

And now I realise that, while I said I'd done no writing this week, I'm actually quite happy that my blogs have come back to life. Simply having time has made a difference, and I have been writing more here than in quite a long time.

And there were those 3 little poems I wrote on postcards and sent out to participants on the Perennial Postcard project. So there was some writing after all.

So the week started better than I'd thought. Now I'm going to check out a few of the participants' blogs. I wish I had time to get around to everyone, but know I won't. But I do wish every one of the participants well with their creative efforts this week.

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At 6/1/08 10:30 pm, Blogger Kara said...

This post inspires me. My sister and I made a date for next weekend to begin working on our soul collage cards. We've both thought about it a lot but so far I've only made two - so we are using each other to get going on it. Your accordion book is really pretty. I'll go over to you other blog and read more.

I like the word you've choosen prayerfulness.

Now I want to come over for soup it looks so warm and nourishing.

At 7/1/08 1:42 am, Blogger Amber said...

Mmmmmmm I love soup! I made soup today, too. But... lots of fat! LOL


At 7/1/08 3:31 pm, Blogger Jamie said...

How absolutely beautiful! I'm blown away by your gorgeous accordian book.

And thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving such lovely comments about my Vision Cards. Yes, I have heard of Soul Collage and have always wanted to take a workshop. I'll definitely check out your Soul Collage blog.

Have a wonderful prayer-full 2008!


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