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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Coming Back

It's Thursday, and especially since these are the last weeks of Poetry Thursday, it seems all the more important that I find something to post here. I don't think I can write something from this week's prompt right away, but I can tweak the idea of this poem - coming back, returning - to sort-of fit with using a last line from another poem to begin a new one.

This is the only poem I wrote during my recent stay in California.


I have come back
across an ocean and a continent,
to claim something -
and not, as I'd thought,
to abandon something.
Not to cast away
that remnant of our nineteen years,
but to claim these five,
and the Me that's in them.

To sit in sunlight
(Can I hear bells? Down the valley
they are ringing bells today!)
To sit in sunlight, quiet enough
to let the deer return,
to await evening and the horned owl's flight,
to say My heart is big as this place.
I have found a place big enough
for my heart.

I wrote it on what would have been my 24th wedding anniversary. I'd wanted to be away, away, away on that date, but when it came, my perspective had shifted. If you'd like to read a little about my travels, that's on my previous post HERE. If you want to see what else is on offer from Poetry Thursday participants, go HERE.

It's so good to be back.

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At 23/8/07 2:09 pm, Blogger polka dot witch said...

i know in this lifetime that one of the lessons i'm supposed to learn is that it's not possible to run away from something and find something else. there's no such exchange. it's hard work. and your poem's first stanza so beautifully touches on this struggle. thank you.

At 23/8/07 3:28 pm, Anonymous gautami said...

I can see that shift in your mind in here.

Good to see you back posting poetry!

At 23/8/07 3:57 pm, Blogger Kara said...

To claim Yourself - how beautiful and inspiring. I'm wishing you well as a new you, transformed by your travels and discoveries settles into your life at home.

At 23/8/07 4:33 pm, Blogger Hedwyg said...

Mmmmmmmm... lovely and inspiring! And congratulations on the shift within yourself.

I just spent my fifteenth wedding anniversary packing to move out into my own place. It was not happy, but it was what needed to be done. And my new home has become just the right size for me and my heart.

Peace and blessings,

At 23/8/07 5:16 pm, Blogger Tammy said...

I LIVE in Sonora! I can't believe I missed the opportunity to meet you.

Your poetry was wonderful and good timing. Welcome home! XXOO

At 23/8/07 5:45 pm, Blogger tumblewords said...

Change is not complete, I think, until it's absorbed within. This is lovely poetry.

At 23/8/07 8:13 pm, Anonymous split ends said...

What a beautiful vignette--of healing, of celebrating in quiet and whole ways. Thanks for sharing with us.

At 24/8/07 1:35 am, Anonymous Lisa said...

A beautiful poem - a joy to read. It sounds like this trip will stay with you awhile - California has a way of doing that!

At 24/8/07 4:18 am, Blogger Amber said...

STAY IN CALIFORNIA!!? Wha?? And you didn't come to visit me. Pft. Whatever!


At 24/8/07 3:59 pm, Anonymous tinker said...

So good to see you - and your poetry, back! I love that you worked in the great horned owl. And that you found something of value to your life, when you were intending to cast away something else.

It's sad about Poetry Thursday ending - but I hope you continue posting your poetry anyway!


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