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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A handbag full of....

Here it is - almost 2 weeks since I posted anything, but since I am now happily displaying a Blogging Without Obligation button, I won't apologise. I will mention that life has simply been very busy, and that the car (which was so recently serviced) began giving trouble again and that I have been ... um ... anxious at times, resulting in a panic-attack yesterday. Recovered now. I've talked enough people through it to know and understand what's happening, but the theory doesn't stop it from happening. I thinked it helped me get over it, though.

So here I am, and this morning I started catching up on reading blogs, wondering would I post something. What would I post? Bits and pieces? And then, I came to Caroline's blog, where she displays the contents of her handbag, and I thought... ok. I can do that. She was responding to Jo's post with her bag-contents. So here, for your curious eyes are the unedited contents of my handbag (OK. I confess. I left out the bits of grit and tiny balls of paper)

I forgot to include the actual bag in the photo. It's black, fake leather, sack-shaped and has too loopy handles I can slip over my shoulder. What's also missing from the picture is my camera, spare batteries and my second mobile phone. (although those are always in my bag). What is there is:

cheque book, credit union pass-book, 2 card wallets (mostly filled with store loyalty cards) magnifier, breath-freshener strips, dead clock-battery (so I'll know what size I'm looking for when I go to the shop), lip balm, Rescue Remedy, hand-cream, folding comb, apricot and almond bar (coated in yogurt! Healthy!), two wallets (one Euro, the other Sterling), mobile phone for use in Northern Ireland, box of Moo mini-cards, bottle of rose cologne from L'Occitane en Provence (Mother's day gift from Son), Diary (WeMoon diary. I love it), Street map book of Belfast (doesn't stop me getting lost and having panic-attacks, though, does it?), programme for upcoming Arts Festival in our area, leaflet on Crocs (bought a pair yesterday. Comfy, comfy). Pencil, pink highlighter, my silver Cross pen (which went missing for 3 years and inexplicably came back to me a few months ago), a small black notebook with rubber-band around it, and the case for my spectacles. Oh yes. There's a big wad of tissues there too. You never know...

And ... there's often a folding umbrella there these days too. I used to carry a screwdriver and tiny screw kit for repairing glasses, but I've lost it. There are often bigger notebooks (the ones I actually write in) shoved in there, or whatever book I'm reading at the moment if I'm going anywhere I anticipate waiting time. Sometimes I'm carrying paracetemol or ointments for my hands and feet (dry, dry skin). There might be sunglasses, though these normally live in my car.

I can't understand how anyone manages with a small bag. I can't. I've accepted this. I'm proud of myself for the fact that I didn't find 3 dozen supermarket receipts and half-a-pound of small change in the bottom of the bag.

Would you like to share your handbag contents? Come on, let's see! If you do, say so in the comments, and maybe you'd like to let Caroline and Jo know too. They started the game! (links above)

Oh yes... this is not the only bag I carry. The story of all my other bags is, I think for another post, another day!


Other things? I'm still sitting on the couch. It's 4pm. I need to get to town soon. But I also want to show you something my niece and my sister gave to me. Sorry... Blogger will not let me post the picture of the freesias and arum lilies that have grown from the corms they brought as a gift when they visited in march. My niece had arum lilies as her wedding-flower last year, so they are extra special for all of us. I am just thrilled to see this unfolding beauty. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it in.

And strangely, Blogger will allow me to post a picture in honour of Fairy Day, celebrated by Julie Marie at Celtic Woman. Only one fairy lives with me (though I have often hung Fairy calendars, and have many beautiful pictures of fairies). This little beauty came to me on one of the most special days in my life and lives in my bedroom. Her name is still a secret.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sprinkled with fairy-dust.

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At 24/6/07 1:55 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

Oh your bag's contents are so much more interesting than mine! ~ Thanks for playing!

And I think its great that you managed some fairy dust too - since there were complaints about the lack in my bag!

At 25/6/07 5:30 am, Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Fascinating - it's kinda fun seeing what's in another person's handbag ... I might decline this time round, but will keep it in mind as an idea for a rainy day (even though today IS rainy!) I also carry a heap around in my handbag. You just never know when you're going to need those tweezers!

At 25/6/07 9:13 pm, Blogger Jo said...

Your bags contents are more like mine, everything but the kitchen sink! I'm actually going into a bigger bag so I can get a craft project in aswell to save me carrying two bags, thanks for playing!

At 26/6/07 4:18 am, Anonymous caroline potato said...

Hi Greenish Lady,

Wow, I'm so impressed. You failed to mention how much your bag weighs. My dear grandmother used to carry a big salt shaker in her purse. She was supposed to be on a limited salt diet, but refused to go along with the rules in the nursing home.

I'm a minimalist when it comes to purses.

The fairy is delightful. I just discovered Celtic Woman's blog. Thanks for the kind note about turkeys.

At 27/6/07 5:20 am, Anonymous Fran aka Redondowriter said...

You've got even more stuff than I've got. Fascinating. One of these days I'll do this exercise; tells a lot about a person. Like the fairy and how odd Blogger wouldn't let you post the other photo? Did it think it was porn?

At 29/6/07 5:16 am, Blogger Amber said...

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