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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany is the name of a popular radio program here. I had a poem broadcast on it a few months ago. But this post isn't about that. This post is a miscellany because my attempt to write a "Spicy" piece for Sunday Scribblings turned out so bland and insipid, I just couldn't post it. I added cumin, ginger, cayenne, garam masala, and still, there was no flavour. Believe me! Maybe it's my taste-buds.

And maybe it's because there's too much other stuff going around in my head. I've had a good week, so here's :

.................What Went Well This Week

Work - in different places each day, some self-generated, some not, some beginnings, some endings approaching, but a sense of energy, a sense of being fully in my work.(I didn't mean to start with WORK, as though that is priority, and everything else is also-ran!)
Stuff (1)- when I realised my credit card had been missing for a week(!!!), and called the bank, I discovered that the last transaction was the last one I'd made (phew!), so cancelled it before anything sinister happened with it.
Stuff (2) - when I called the garage to say my car had been losing power, the nice man said "bring it in", and when I explained I needed it that afternoon, he said "no problem", and when I collected it (early!), he had done a full service on it - and washed it!
Son - He heads off tomorrow for his summer adventure in USA, and we've just had a really nice week together, not doing anything very special, but just chatting, sorting out stuff he wants to dump. He's been away for months at a time before, but still in the same country, so tomorrow brings with it a little anxiety for Mommy!
Sorting - Completed little tasks like paying bills, arranging dates for upcoming appointments and workshops, filed stuff... ended the week feeling there's less hanging on my shoulders.
Plans - decided to go home to see my Dad next weekend (Fathers' Day), to do some SoulCollage with sister and some friends; other sister sent me a link to this garden's site, and there are definite plans to visit there before this summer ends. My plans for July/August in California are moving ahead. Yay!
Health - After months of inactivity, I got to the gym twice this week (only once last week) and gave myself silver stars for going! So I'm moving in the right direction. Ate more fruit and veg. Feel good.

...............A Game

Deb of the Red Shoes posted a game on her blog yesterday, and I found it today, and decided to join in. Rules are easy, and if you decide to play along, go to her blog and leave her a comment saying you've done so. (Tell me too, please, as I'd enjoy seeing your responses).

each answer has to start with the same letter as the first letter of your name and if an answer is a place name it should be real, not fictional. If someone who answers before you has the same first letter, try to come up with different answers than they did. Now on to…

Scattergories 2

Your name: ....................Imelda
A Country: ......................Italy
A Song Title:.................... If
An Artist (painter, photographer, etc): .....Ingres (La Grande Odalisque)
A Reason to stay home from Work or School: ..........Infection
Something you’d see at a Zoo: .................Iguana
A Snack: ...............................Ice-cream sandwich (Yes! It is a snack)
A Character in a Book: ......................India Wilkes
Something Icky: .......................Icky things (Sorry!)
A Six-letter Word: ....................Irises
Something Breakable: .............Italian glass (well, Venice is in Italy, right?)
Non-Alcoholic Drink: ..............Iced coffee
Something you Whisper: ........I love you.

.......................A New SoulCollage card to Share

I've been wondering if there are particular cultural themes that would begin to turn up in the SoulCollage made by Irish people, and had an idea that it would be natural for Celtic gods/goddesses to turn up in the council suit, and naturally the landscape used for backgrounds to differ from that used by others. Last Saturday, I ran the 3rd of my public workshops, and again it was well-attended and well-received. In the course of the day, I found images that just called out to me to become a card. It represents Race memory of hunger. I haven't written about it yet, but will soon on my SoulFragments blog.

There's more this week, but I have to stop somewhere. Have to get out to the weeds that have been thriving in my absence from my garden. Have to get some recycling over to the bring-banks. Have to spend at least some of this day on my beanbag in the garden not thinking of weeds or recycling.

Have a lovely Sunday, and a great week.

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At 10/6/07 12:34 pm, Blogger Deb R said...

Glad you played the Scattergories game, Imelda! It was fun to read your answers.

I liked seeing your Soul Collage card too. I have that book and got as far as cutting a bunch of images from magazines and things, but haven't actually made any cards so far.

At 10/6/07 4:25 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

Glad to hear that your work is going well and your holiday plans too.

You inspired me to play the game - I posted then on her comments but here they are again:

Your name: Caroline
A Country: Canada
A Song Title: Candle In the Wind
An Artist (painter, photographer, etc): Cezanne
A Reason to stay home from Work or School: Chronic Fatigue… (unfortunately)
Something you’d see at a Zoo: Chimps
A Snack: Crisps
A Character in a Book: Christopher Robin
Something Icky: Callouses
A Six-letter Word: Camber
Something Breakable: Crystal
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Chocolate
Something you Whisper: Coo coo ca choo

At 10/6/07 4:52 pm, Anonymous MsShad said...

Oh! What are you doing in California in July/August?

At 10/6/07 10:39 pm, Anonymous caroline potato said...

Hi Greenish Lady,
It sounds like you had a good week. I'm inspired to follow in your footsteps.

The Soul Card touches me deeply. My Irish heritage was far overshadowed by the Mediterranean Jewish side. Recently though I have been in spiritual contact with those Irish ancesters who came here during the famine. I see them as fierce survivors.

At 11/6/07 2:31 am, Blogger Tinker said...

This post has just the right combination of spices I think - a little of each ingredient blends into one harmonious pot, I mean post!

At 11/6/07 10:38 am, Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Sounds like your life is very full - but in a good way! :) Hope your son has a great time - and try not to worry Mum (I know it's hard - been there! :)

At 11/6/07 3:11 pm, Blogger Amber said...

Sounds wonderful! Good cars guys are a true blessing. It makes me stress out when something happens to my car! I can see the money slipping out of my!

Beautiful collage. ;)


At 12/6/07 12:00 am, Blogger deirdre said...

You've had a busy week. And it all sounds good. So...California this summer? Hmmm. Maybe we could meet for dinner?

At 13/6/07 5:27 pm, Blogger January said...

I love how you posted about the good things that have happend this week.

And the collage is just beautiful.

At 13/6/07 9:10 pm, Anonymous Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I loved hearing about your sacred ordinary week just past. And, I was very taken with your SoulCollage card--and your site where you post your cards. I hadn't caught that before and I've added you to my blog roll. Maybe I'll play Scattergories; we'll see. I'll let you know.

At 14/6/07 4:59 am, Blogger Molly said...

OK, I'm game:

At 17/6/07 1:43 am, Blogger Kara said...

I'm slow to get around and read - but I enjoyed reading this update. Thanks for sharing that Scattergories game of Deb's - I played with it but it's hard with a K name so I have nothing to post.
I really liked seeing your soul collage card. Glad you are having success with your workshops! Hope you enjoy your visit with Dad and your sister!

At 23/6/07 12:48 am, Blogger Tammy said...

Imelda is lovely! You had a good week and which parts of CA will you be in? Poor mommy, that far away is tough.

Lovely collage. :)


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