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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poetry Thursday. June

I'm sure the ladies of Poetry Thursday and all the marvellous contributors who have been writing articles and features deserve a summer break, and I'm hoping their summer will be wonderful, but I have to admit to feeling slightly bereft when I saw the gap there was going to be in my life. I've gotten used to the almost-constant presence of new poetry-stuff to read and think about, or not think about, but just soak in.

But, the good news is that through the summer, there will still be, as there always has been, a post on Thursday to which we can attach a comment with a link to a poem. So I realised it was up to me to put something here today. But what? What month is it? It's June. I trawled my past year's poems, and this turned up almost immediately. I'd forgotten about it, and now I'm glad I've found it again.

For Caroline

Our summer days, and you gone to the country,
to the sea. Back and forth the whole summer,
our letters, packets thick with happenings,
the kisses you got, sweet French words you’d heard,
and my pleas for more information.

Postcards wouldn’t work. We tore reams from school
copybooks, filled them up with girl-gossip
and mild bitching – why that one never wears a bra,
and when will you be home?

You were gone for good – banished – by the time I started
the trek to and from the high walls, through three gates
to cook a bland meal and home to sleep the afternoon away,
exhausted from the prison-strain, the being watched, the fear.

But then, and always since, and still, your first picture hangs above
my father’s reading-spot, great blobs and streaks of reds
and pinks – a vivid chrysanthemum world: one of a series
you churned out, more and more wild,
more and more colour, just before you went.

If I were to start a letter now, one of our girl-letters,
I’d have to tell you that it’s June, and there are
no kisses here, no sweet words, and there are
tears, more tears than I could leave on a blue-lined sheet,
more tears than I can even name.

And what might ease them?
A packet in the post, a tight wad of pages,
looped words, your cartoon-jokes,
a word from you. Your memory.


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At 7/6/07 11:45 am, Blogger Caroline said...

Wonderful poem and I hope the Caroline for whom you wrote it appreciates it at some appropriate level!

At 7/6/07 1:12 pm, Blogger deirdre said...

This poem breaks my heart. And it's too early in the day to cry, but I am anyway. Thank you for sharing this - it's beautiful.

At 7/6/07 5:41 pm, Blogger Beloved Dreamer said...

There is a time for staying and going. A time to break away and grow I hope as this Carline grows, she will remember her beginings and come home. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such sadness.


At 7/6/07 6:11 pm, Blogger gautami tripathy said...

Very beautifully written. Caroline ought to read this!

At 7/6/07 7:33 pm, Blogger Tammy said...

Wonderful poem full of imagery and yet very sad. Well done!

At 7/6/07 7:47 pm, Blogger bookbinds said...

I really like how you use color in this poem---this line was particularly moving, "a vivid chrysanthemum world: one of a series
you churned out, more and more wild,
more and more colour"

At 7/6/07 8:08 pm, Blogger ...deb said...

Oh my. The sadness of being left behind is enormous. It hangs like the painting. This is beautifully written.

At 7/6/07 8:35 pm, Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

How beautiful... and sad.

At 7/6/07 9:26 pm, Blogger Amber said...

There are few things a special as a close girlfriendship. This is beautiful and full of longing that I understand.


At 8/6/07 3:04 am, Blogger Becca said...

This is so poignant, and reminds me all too sadly of a friendship long lost.

At 8/6/07 6:54 am, Blogger Catherine said...

It's a beautiful poem, and it left me wanting to know more of the story behind it.

At 8/6/07 11:22 pm, Blogger Julie Marie said...

Regarding your comment on my post last night: However you have come by your writing talent(you said Julia Cameron changed your life) - and all the other influences and experiences that have brought you to where you are today - you are a marvelous writer. Your imagery is so beautiful. This poem is "full". By that I mean the opposite of those poems that are so light, vague and "empty".

At 9/6/07 4:19 am, Blogger Tinker said...

This is such a lovely poem - it brings back memories of my own friends and long summers, from those teen years.

At 10/6/07 8:49 am, Blogger Wenda said...

I love this sweet sad poem. It moves me deeply.


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