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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Homage to Gaudi

I have a fascination with the architect Gaudi. His work thrills me, and I feel blessed to have been able to visit Barcelona and be in his buildings; to stroll about Sagrada Familia; to walk through Park Guell.

The salamanders there delight me, and prompted this poem:

How to Build a Salamander
...............after Gaudi

You’ll need the kind of wife who shouts a lot,
stamps her feet and throws things – pots,
plates, all the crockery piled on the table.

Better yet, a mistress or two girlfriends – lots
of women smashing all around them. Give them
reason to. It’s all in the cause of art.

When they leave, as they will, gather the bits.
Sweep all the broken pieces into piles. Save them
somewhere out of sight until the time is right.

Then – you’ll know just when – climb to the roof
of a house with odd windows, misshapen doors.
Sleep in the sun until your brain feels fried.

When it seems as if the plane trees below are saying
Jump, when it seems that the sky has blue dragons
painted on blue that only you can see,

call the boy, fill a barrow with your hoard – with
plaster, wine, all the stuff essential to the work.
Yellow, mustard, lemon, tan, terra, all blues,

all greens – a hundred shades, product of years
of anger, product of fury and a name gone to mud.
Pebbles – smooth, rounded, black, cream, polished, brown.

Where the park will be sit and wait
until an eye blinks before you. Catch it.
Place one cobalt shard right there, and wait.

The rippling of skin becomes a frantic challenge
to capture – work fast, grab pieces, bleeding fingers
placing waves and rivulets of colour on the beast,

the beast that calls you – only you – to give it life.
Under your hand, a heart beats. Under your hand
a quick tongue flicks, a cold eye glimmers.

............................................................ Imelda Maguire, 2004)

On 20th July, I'll be back in Barcelona to see my nephew (and only God-child) be married. It will be a wonderful family occasion, and apart from the wedding, there will be the added pleasure of spending time with my sisters and brothers (and other relatives and in-laws) in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I dedicate this Poetry Thursday post to my family, and especially to Glenn and Claire.

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At 6/7/07 1:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Such a parallel to writing poetry. Or any artistic endeavor, really.

At 6/7/07 2:29 am, Blogger Clare said...

Oh, this is wonderfully passionate and magical!! And colorful and mystical!

At 6/7/07 6:59 am, Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful poem and it captures the spirit of Gaudi's work so well and also the creative process. I've not visited Barcelona yet, but Gaudi's architecture inspires me to go. Do you know the Austrian architect Hundertwasser? His work is a bit like Gaudi's. The Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna is wonderful.

At 6/7/07 9:59 am, Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

This is very beautifully written. Creative forces working so well here.

At 6/7/07 2:01 pm, Blogger Left-handed Trees... said...

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At 6/7/07 10:04 pm, Blogger annie said...

i am soooo lucky to have discovered this wonderful group of blogging poets. i loved your poem, very billy collins in many ways. definitely will add you to my bloglines reads.

At 7/7/07 12:26 am, Blogger tumblewords said...

Wonderful, wonderful. Full of life and mystery.

At 7/7/07 5:43 am, Anonymous Fran aka Redondowriter said...

What an exquisite poem, Imelda! And you're going back to Barcelona. I have never been there, probably never will, but I enjoy hearing about everyone's travels vicariously.

At 7/7/07 3:32 pm, Blogger Left-handed Trees... said...

Beautiful poem here...I found the stories of the women in the opening to be so evocative--I could imagine the houses where they smashed crockery and plates in their brokenhearted, unintentional "cause of art". Lovely...

At 9/7/07 7:44 am, Blogger Caroline said...

Strange to think of the salamander as a product of anger - very interesting view of it!

Hope you have a fabulous time in Barcelona -

and sorry I've been so quiet lately.

At 9/7/07 11:12 pm, Anonymous Ben Lawless said...

Love it!

At 9/7/07 11:14 pm, Blogger kerrdeLune (cate) said...

I just love the Sagrada Familia, and when completed, it is going to be the most glorious and amazing structure on the whole planet. (Actually, it is the most glorious and amazing structure on the planet now). I read somewhere that when completed, the central tower will be half again as tall as the existing towers. Wow....

It would be a rare treat to wander through Barcelona and visit some of Gaudi's other designs such as Casa Battlo and Casa Mila, and I am just a tad envious of your upcoming trip (in a very nice way of course.

At 9/7/07 11:15 pm, Blogger kerrdeLune (cate) said...

... and I forgot to say that I loved your poem.

At 11/7/07 5:24 pm, Blogger Kara said...

Wow, I love what you wrote - sometimes your poetry just really goes in directions I never would expect and I just love the journey.

Speaking of journeys I hope you have a wonderful trip to Barcelona and get a full visit with your family.

At 12/7/07 7:36 am, Blogger Tinker said...

Oh, I love this salamander - and this poem! I think you've captured the artistic process beautifully here.

The trip to Spain sounds wonderful - enjoy!

At 1/1/08 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Gaudi art lovers.
can you tell me from howmuch / howmany parts or pieces of mosaic pieces this slamander is made of?
Howmany in count are they/

Greetings from Robert


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