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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Lost and the Mysterious

I have no clue whatsoever why this happened, but yesterday, for some reason, my blog got lost. It disappeared. No matter how often or from what sideways direction I tried to approach it, it was not visible on screen whenever I tried to load it. Blank whiteness met me. I tried to sneak in sideways from other people's sidebars. No. There was nothing there. But when I went to an individual post (the Poetry Thursday post), there it was.

I jumped through many, many hoops trying to find the email address at which Blogger blythely invite you to "email the support team". There are many, many more frustrated blogger-users out there who have been seeking the answers to the eternal questions - Why can't I post pictures? How can I indent a line of poetry? Where did my blog go? - and I found an email address, but no answer.

However, as my other blogs were still there, and my dashboard would let me see posts, I thought this morning that I'd just try republishing my blog with no changes, and voila - It appears to be back.

See? Lost (and found).... and mysterious.


At 17/6/06 2:16 pm, Blogger deirdre said...

I couldn't find you yesterday either. I'm glad you're back.

At 17/6/06 4:00 pm, Blogger Laura said...

Weird! I was reading you yesterday but, of course, I was using the feed and going to individual I never ran into this.

At 18/6/06 6:57 am, Blogger Wenda said...

I lost you, too, and thought I must have messed up the link on my sidebar. Phew!

At 18/6/06 1:44 pm, Blogger chest of drawers said...

My blog has also been lost a few times, panic and cold sweat set in but once I could think straight I also saw that republishing the lot does the trick.


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