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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Meme - Ten Beautiful birds

Harmony invited me to offer a list of the ten birds I think most beautiful. These ten catch my eye for different reasons. Some simply because they visit my garden so often. Some because their song is so sweet. Some that have personalities that tickle my fancy. Some that are elegant, some that intrigue me. I borrowed the pictures from the British Garden Birds website as I am no nature photographer. These ten are:

1 Wren, aka Jenny Wren. Tiny, sweet, shy and timid, but she lives in the patch of ivy at the back of my utility room.
2 The swallow. When they return (I saw my first one last week), it is a cause of joy. I love to see them doing that sweep, swoop and dip over a river or under trees. Their dance!
3 Robin. There's a pair nesting in the hedge at the top of my garden. I've been watching Daddy's antics as he fetches and delivers food to the nest. He takes a different circuitous route home every time. So cautious. Stop, go to the right, head left, stop, look around, and home.
4 Mistle Thrush. A beautiful song. I always enjoy watching the thrush come after rain, to search out worms and snails in the soft moss and soil of the garden. Hop, hop, dip, dig.
5 Kingfisher. One of the birds I've only glimpsed once but that one glimpse was a marvel. I love the colours.
6 Grey Heron. Their patience, stealth, elegance, prehistoric mien, their flight. Wonderful.
7 Bullfinch. Had a visit a few months ago. That chest! Rose-pink.
8 Goldfinch. These come in little flocks of 5 or 6 to my garden. They are quite bossy at the feeders. Very sweet song, and they do bring gold - sunshine - with them.
9 Blackbird. Another marvellous song. And the yellow beak! The hen is brown, but has a certain elegance about her, too.
10 Blue Tit. Sweet, cute little birds. They love the fatballs I hang from the bird-table.

oops! Just noticed there are eleven pictures there. The one I didn't list is the Chaffinch
(between the goldfinch and the blackbird). He's got a pretty blue-grey head and a chest that has a rosy glow but nothing like as red as the bullfinch. He's a tenacious chap when he wants his station at the feeder.

Would anyone else like to share their favourite birds? I'd love to see them and hear about them.


At 8/5/06 2:07 am, Blogger Endment said...

This is a wonderful list so glad you shared - your birds are very different from ours here in the US so it is fun to see your photos.
Thanks so much for sharing

At 8/5/06 4:29 am, Blogger Jennifer said...

Great list. I may have to work on a list. I love birds so much but I don't really know alot about them - yet...

At 8/5/06 5:38 am, Anonymous Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I'm impressed that you and Endment know so much about birds. I'm a city girl and I bet I can't name more than 10 I see regularly--and most of them aren't that beautiful. I love woodpeckers and blue jays and right now a big black quarrelsome crow is hanging out. We do have a lot of peacocks in our area.

At 8/5/06 5:38 am, Blogger Terri /Tinker said...

Beautiful birds. I love birds, too, but feel so un-informed about them. I can only identify a few major categories - hummingbirds, robins, doves, sparrows, blue jays, mockingbirds, blackbirds, goldfinches, red-tail hawks, barn owls, burrow owls. Well, that's all I know, so I guess that's my list :>) Oh wait, I can recognize herons, woodpeckers, pelicans & seagulls, too - though I wouldn't necessarily count them as my favorites. Thanks for the idea! I loved reading your list and about your relationship with these birds.

At 8/5/06 11:07 am, Blogger paris parfait said...

Stunning photos! My husband is a bird watcher.

At 8/5/06 3:41 pm, Blogger harmonyinline said...

A beautiful post and some birds that are new to me. Thank you for playing.


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