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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Green things - Spring

Kara asked what a "deepening greening" looks like to me. I tried to capture it. Just this past week or two, there's a shimmer on the grass of life coming into it. You can't see the light that hangs over the still-brown hedgerows, promising green about to bud all over, but it's there.

I just spent a delightful couple of minutes at my kitchen window, watching a robin (with whom I was a bit annoyed, because he'd just chased off little Jenny Wren to another part of the garden) reveal why this patch has become so special to him. He began tugging at a strand of moss, tugged out a thread, then another, and another, until he had a fine clump of green stuff gathered to bring to his nesting spot at the top of the garden. I'll be interested to see what happens next.


At 23/3/06 3:27 pm, Blogger Endment said...

thank you for these wonderful word pictures as well as the visual illustration of "deepening greening" I had heard the term but now my internal image has changed.

Our robins don't look the same as yours but we had a small flock of them working over the moss today.

At 23/3/06 3:50 pm, Blogger In Otter Space said...

What a beautiful view. Is this what you see out of your kitchen window? If so.....LUCKY!

Your post reminds me I need to put out my dryer lint for the young birdies trying to start their family nests in my yard.
Still I like the image of that Robin tugging at the green moss. Somehow it is how I imagine Ireland. Lots of birds tugging on green moss. (I know Corny right?)

At 23/3/06 5:37 pm, Blogger GreenishLady said...

That is not the view from my window. (I wish!) I live in town and have a small garden, which slopes upwards, though, so I don't look at anyone else's house directly. This picture was taken near Newtowncunningham, Co. Donegal yesterday.

At 25/3/06 3:44 am, Blogger Kara said...

Hi - thanks for the lovely picture and the wonderful image of the robin.


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