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Monday, July 03, 2006

Re-Connecting: Blogging as Spiritual Practice?

Fran at Sacred Ordinary asked recently for people's responses to the question "Is Blogging a Spiritual Practice?" Hmm. My answer is It can be. If the blog is being used to try to become more your true, authentic self, then yes, I think so. I'm sure there are blogs that are kept in service to the ego, too, but of the blogs I seem to come across - or those I return to more than once - most seem to be people trying to figure out their way in the world, celebrating what's good in their lives, trying to connect in real ways with others of like mind, or to learn about what's important to other people. Yes, there are times we write of the things that are bothering us, or of past hurts, present troubles and so on, but this is also part of the emerging picture of the true self of each person.

I'm not sure I've been really present in my blog for a while, though. What I noticed is that I found it hard to regain a sense of community when I returned after my break in May/June. I posted for Sunday Scribbling and Poetry Thursday, and the new One Deep Breath Haiku group, but nothing in between. I felt disconnected, and oddly enough, part of that is because when I went to other people's blogs I was following a link to a specific post, and not the blog per se, so I wasn't catching up on people's activities, and not connecting in that way. Ever since the conclusion of The Artist's Way 12-week program, there's been a gradual shifting away, a loss of focus on the creative life within this blog.

I suppose what I'm saying is I'm not sure why I'm keeping this blog right now. I'm hanging in here because I like so much being around all the people I've come to "know" since January, but I don't know what I have to contribute, really. It's not just this blog. Since I came back, although I had intended to maintain my daily writing of 48 words - nada, one little bunch of entries, and since then, nothing. The impetus has dwindled for me. But, But, but... I'm not gone yet. So here is what I've been up to:

Yesterday, in my garden
I changed this

Into This

I spent all day with HER......................

I figured out how to drag pictures around a blogger post!

I cooked a healthy dinner (no pictures - too hungry, just ate it up as soon as it was cooked. Trust me. it was healthy!)

I read some of Anne Lammott's book Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith.

I watched Grey's Anatomy and a missed episode of Lost on TV

I posted to my SoulFragments blog something I'd been wanting to comment on for a while (now I know how to drag pictures around a post)

I wrote my Morning Pages, and my Ten Night-time Gratitudes....

Apart from Trixie (above), I spent the day alone, and it was good. My sister had been visiting all week up to Friday, and suddenly the house was empty. I didn't go out to buy sunday papers, I didn't go to the beach as I'd thought I might. I just cocooned with my pots, compost, plants, book... (OK... phone... I wasn't totally cut-off from the world), and came back to myself again.

And today... seeing if recounting this will help me feel connected here again a little more. I think so. Tomorrow, I go shopping for something to wear to my graduation next week. Oh... and I've been noticing 43 things on some people's blogs. I think I'll start work on my list for that. It's interesting, and it makes me feel good, because when I see other people's lists, there are things I have already done, and reminders of new things I would like to do. Lots of them.


At 3/7/06 4:31 pm, Blogger deirdre said...

I missed reading your posts while you were away and am glad you're back now. I think blogging could well be part of a spiritual practice. There are connections to other people, the writing itself, looking a little more deeply within as well as out, and seeking to improve, whether the self or the craft of writing - it all connects. I imagine graduation has brought a bit of re-evaluation to your life, it can be a huge shift. I hope you keep blogging, you have so much to offer.

At 3/7/06 4:40 pm, Blogger Star said...

I hear you loud and clear. I came to blogland in search of a creative outlet after becoming acquainted with blogs I enjoyed reading very much. But aside from personal post here and there, I tend to keep my personal thoughts in my journal and only share the more public part that seems "fit to print" for contributing to One Deep Breath, Sunday Scribblings, etc.

Why is that!?

I hope you will keep in touch; I've enjoyed getting to know you a little and would like to know more.

At 3/7/06 10:16 pm, Blogger Terri /Tinker said...

Your poetry, your scribblings - and your SoulCollage cards (which I've only recently discovered) - these I think could all be considered a part of a spiritual practice. I know I feel my spirit is refreshed after I've visited your blog. I do hope you'll continue - I missed your presence on the web, while you were gone!
Congratulations, on your upcoming granduation - and on learning to drag photos around blogger (that may seem a minor triumph to some, but as I'm somewhat technologically challenged, I'm in awe!)
Your garden pots look lovely, too - I enjoyed the before & after, and your little dog is adorable! Yes, these may seem inconsequential - but I do believe God is in the details. Sometimes the details can be seen better through another person's life than they can our own. I think that is one of the gifts this blogging world brings to us. It helps us to gain perspective on our own lives, by viewing one another's daily blessings and challenges...
I must admit, I do miss the sense of purpose that our Artist's Way group seemed to have. Perhaps we could form another - or now that Kat's back perhaps she'll re-ignite Contagious Creativity.
I hope either way, you'll keep shining your light into the darkness. I'll be looking for it.

At 4/7/06 4:57 am, Blogger Dana said...

Well, I'm glad you're not gone yet, and I hope you never are.

At 4/7/06 12:54 pm, Blogger jenclair said...

As with everything else in life, cycles occur in blogging. Right now, with good weather (well, here it is really too hot most of the time) people are out and about more. Like you, they are off on vacations, working in the yard, enjoying outside activities.

Blogging for me began as an inspirational practice. As I visited various blogs, I found myself inspired by comments, creativity, travel, literature, and quilting (my original entry into blogdom). What I noticed pretty quickly is that reading (and sometimes commenting) gave me confidence to try things, new insights into behavior and thinking, introductions to artists and authors, a kind of self-challenge or method of goal-setting that I can share or not, as I choose.

True, the wide world of blogs is a virtual community, but the effect on my own life has been real.

At 4/7/06 1:14 pm, Blogger Leah said...

(((hugs))) i hear ya darlin.

At 4/7/06 2:14 pm, Blogger Becca said...

I'm with Teri/Tinker- this blogging community provides a wonderful world of insight into the lives and spirits of other, in turn revealing things about ourselves, and refreshing our own hearts. That's why I especially enjoy posts like yours today - glimpses into the details of life tell so much about a person, and bring us all closer together. So I hope you will continue sharing with us!

At 4/7/06 10:14 pm, Blogger Cate said...

As someone who has also felt disconnected, I hear you. But can I also say that I'm glad that you're back, telling us about your present state, in this post?!

I'm always loving your writing (you know that!) and feel you have so much to say, to offer. Your words speak to what I'm feeling, and selfish as it is, I'm grateful for that. I see that connection with readers as a spiritual practice of sorts. I find that I am most drawn to people who are able to speak my truth more eloquently than I am able, and you, my friend, through your posts and your poetry, do just that!

Your flowers are gorgeous, and I'm sure that you could find no better companion than Trixie (she's also gorgeous!). Have fun compiling your list--what lovely journey that will be! And that Annie Lamott book will be added to my queue--thank you for the mention!

I'm just grateful for every word that you post!

At 5/7/06 1:12 am, Blogger GreenishLady said...

All my dear friends, I just want to say how much I appreciate these really kind words you have been sending my way. I wasn't really going to disappear. I was just expressing that malaise that seems to hit every now and then, but you have all pulled me back from wherever it was I was that day. Thank you all. See? You are what keeps me here. This just proves it.

At 8/7/06 12:48 am, Blogger Amber said...

Well, I hope you stick around. Because I do like you, and what you have to share. Even if you just do Sunday Scribble, if you can't think of other things to write. At least then you are putting your words and thoughts out there.



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