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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Lost Post

I had quite a long post ready to publish, and my computer froze up. Nothing would happen, so I had to switch off and back on again, losing the entire post. It was witty. It was clever. It had a wealth of cute little anecdotes in it that will never be recaptured or recounted with quite the same panache again. Irretrievable. Believe me. ... What? You don't believe me? What can I say?

In fact, it was a post entitled "Why is my kitchen in such a mess?" And it may have been witty. But mostly it was a Blowing My Own Trumpet post. I wanted to announce (as I am doing now, in fact) that I GRADUATED yesterday with my B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology (Frist Class Honours!), with all the pomp, pageantry and ceremony these events involve, and loved it, loved it. It took me six years to achieve the degree. Or it took me 31 years. - When I left school at 17, my ambition was to do a degree in Psychology, but I got waylaid, and followed different paths, which twisted, turned, diverged and brought me here, to this place, now, with my degree finally completed. I had a great day, and a wonderful evening's celebration with my sister, my son and a dear friend, and that's how the kitchen ended up in such a mess... shoeboxes, flowers, cards, discarded clothing, shopping bags, make-up items, all abandoned when we left for the ceremony, and just left after we'd returned from the evening out. Today, I've been basking in my success, and seeing friends, so tomorrow, all will be returned to what passes for normal around here, but I will continue to enjoy the array of congratulatory cards that have been arriving over the past two weeks, and the magnificent bouquet of yellow and white flowers that came from my colleagues in the Women's Centre where I volounteer.

I've been noticing a few bloggers debating the wisdom of returning to college, or wondering whether they can cope with courses of study at "a certain age" I say if it calls you, go for it. If it takes you twice as long as a youngster fresh from school, so what? Enjoy it, relish the challenge. Now that I've got it done, I say it was worth it for me. Now that I've got that done, you may find me casting about in the next few months for the next challenge. If anyone hears me mention words like "Masters" or "PhD", just turn me around and send me home and say "Enough is Enough!"

Photos? Another day, perhaps. Trust me. It really, really did happen!


At 13/7/06 1:47 am, Blogger Kara said...

Congratulations! You inspire me Greenishlady and I think you should bask bask for a long time in your success. I raise my glass in toast to you!

At 13/7/06 3:01 am, Anonymous tinker said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment - and you're inspiring me, as well. Bask in your glory - you've earned it. I'm joining Kara in raising a glass in toast to you!

At 13/7/06 5:12 am, Blogger Star said...

Hey, congratulations! What a great accomplishment at any age. I still want to learn, but I think formal schooling is not in my future (for now at least).

Keep on celebrating!

At 14/7/06 3:12 am, Blogger Becca said...

A very well deserved congratulations! I too was an "older" student, and finally finished my first BA at 35. Now I've just turned 50, and I'm wondering about going back for more - maybe so?

Sit back for a bit and enjoy your accomplishement -then, what's next?

At 14/7/06 6:14 pm, Anonymous kat said...

that's awesome!!! congrats! congrats!

At 15/7/06 7:00 pm, Blogger Laura said...



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