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Sunday, February 12, 2006

End of Week 5: Check-In

OK: The check-in in my handwritten journal ran to 3 pages, so only things not already referred to here will appear, and the main thing emerged when I got to question 2.

Did I do my Artist Date? - No, I didn't. I thought about going to the park, to some art galleries, to sit an hour by the window in the bar of a new main street hotel and see what passes by, and I could have found time, but I just didn't get myself going, somehow. So, I did a bit of ruminating about this, and realised my Artist Child was sulking. She didn't want to go on any of those dates. She's a bit p***ed off with me, in fact, because I pay great lip-service to her, but in fact, don't pay great quality attention to her. I have taken her to shop for art supplies, like a parent that tries to buy a child off with gifts, and she has responded by refusing to play with any of that stuff. It's all still sitting there, unused so far! The card-making ribbons and leaves and paper-cutters, the table-top easel - Even the brand new scanner I've been waiting months for is sitting for a full week still in its box! What does she want? I think she just wants me to play with her, not to pay for stuff. She feels cheated that so many of the dates were shopping expeditions - however they were disguised as Fun Shopping.

But all is not lost. Others have done this for a date already. I may have toyed with the idea, but my 8-year-old friend, Steven, really put it up to me, when I was driving him home from drama class today. We passed by Craic-Pots - a paint your own pottery place - and he asked me had I ever gone there, telling me how much fun it is. Do I need advice from anyone else? So, to make up for missing this week, I'll take myself to see Chicken Little tomorrow afternoon, and during the week, will go paint a plate, a cup, or something...

So, it's been a useful week, in that insights have been gelling and forming into ideas. I'm not giving myself a hard time about it when it's not going perfectly, and I am gaining a huge amount from the blogs - this experience alone makes it all worthwhile.


At 12/2/06 1:57 am, Blogger Leah said...

i think it's awesome that you're not giving yourself a hard time when things aren't going perfectly. and i give you tons of credit for looking at why you hadn't gone on your artist's date. i hope painting pottery makes your artist child giddy!! :-)

At 12/2/06 6:03 pm, Blogger tess said...

Wow, this is wonderful! I laughed out loud reading about your Artist Child sulking. Many of my so-called Artist Dates also seem to be little buying safaris, and my AC does get frustrated. I've still got unused supplies she and I bought during the AW process nearly a decade ago!

Get yourself down to that pottery place! I am visiting family and was just last night admiring my niece's items from such a shop. I want to do that, too! Have fun!

At 12/2/06 6:20 pm, Blogger Kara said...

Yeah, you figured out the logo link!! I'm jumping up and down for you!

That's an important insight to realize your inner artist wants something like more play. Thanks for sharing this because I've resisted taking mine shopping and I didn't exactly know why until now. Thanks for your support!

At 12/2/06 7:25 pm, Blogger Blue Dog said...

I just read your comment about Diane Ealy on kara's blog and find it extremely interesting. You've given me something to think about.

And as for artist's dates...I've been standing my artist up something fierce. She's pretty understanding of me, but still, I'm not being fair to her.

Have fun at Chicken Little and ceramic painting--or whatever you end up doing! :)

At 13/2/06 5:36 pm, Blogger In Otter Space said...

Painting pottery is fun!
If your AC is anything like mine she is probably a bit resistant but once you get her going....look out.
Now I actually feel the opposite about the AD. I mean can we over indulge on this affair? If so then I am major quilty b/c I have taken more than one AD a week...heck even more than one in a day.
Call me a little piggy but I was starving and now I can't stop eating at this All-I-Can-Eat Buffet called the Artist date.
I will write about my A.D. tomorrow, right now I'm in the middle of a pity party.

At 13/2/06 6:38 pm, Blogger snowsparkle said...

being one who neglects her artist child myself, i love this perfect description of the experience. for me, all that gives me the momentum and confidence to "do" some art is a loved one's request. my favorite pieces come from that. oh, and another thing gets me going: mark wagner's website has art exercises... he's an amazing visionary teacher/artist:

At 14/2/06 5:42 am, Blogger Fran said...

Thanks for your kind words at Sacred Ordinary, Imelda. Today is a much better day. I'm glad the Artists Way is going well for you.


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