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Friday, February 10, 2006

More on Germination and Gardens and Spring

I knew while I was writing yesterday's post that there was some connection, some metaphor that was going to make things clearer for me in the midst of the stuff about incubation and germination, followed up by my foray into the garden to do some clearing of last year's dead debris, and it came to me while I was writing my morning pages this morning what the next phase in the thought process is (my process is not rapid... it takes bubbling-up time). When I awoke this morning, I saw there had been a hard frost overnight, and the thought came "I hope all the leafmould and twigs I removed yesterday from the beds hasn't exposed some young and tender things too suddenly and made them vulnerable"... Aha! - The reason why incubation takes time, obviously... young and tender things (creative ideas, maybe) need a bit of time in the dark, under the blanket of a protective layer of old stuff. And then, the day does come, has to come, when that protective layer becomes something that muffles, stifles, prevents straight growth, and has to be moved aside, has to be lifted, so that the air and light can reach the new stirrings, and call them into the sunshine. ... Thoughts such as these made it the perfect metaphor for my feeling of a stirring, a restlessness (and explains maybe why also in yesterday's post I refer to the changes in my life over the past 3 years) - The blanket/mantle of feelings and memories and ways of being that served me in the past, and protected me for a while is becoming uncomfortable, I am feeling the urge to shrug it off, and allow the new seeds to reach unimpeded for the light. There is a balance of timing to be achieved. Don't do it too early, but don't wait too long, either. Ah... finding the balance!

Grow, little seed, grow! And I am taking that Talmudic quote from chapter 1 as a motto for this:

Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow."


At 10/2/06 4:53 pm, Blogger Kara said...

Oh, so lovely. Seems like we all are seeking some kind of balance and you have written about this tenderness so beautifully. I love the phrase "it takes bubbling up time" That's going to stick with me.

At 10/2/06 7:10 pm, Blogger In Otter Space said...

I learned this lesson this week too with a little seedling I had started inside. Over anxious about its progress, I pulled on it and severed it from its roots.

I also agree with you about the only one standing in my way is ME! No one holds me back but ME as well as that little devil of self doubt. He keeps popping out saying "No you can't. No you can't." Well I'm going to do a drawing with that little devil on it and I'm going to burn him in my outdoor fir pit tonight.

At 11/2/06 7:17 pm, Blogger tess said...

How exciting for your to be in this fertile time! Beautiful writing, as always, and such a tender tone. I think I'll enjoy your garden vicariously, as a "real" one is not on the horizon for me. Thanks for these lovely posts!

At 11/2/06 7:24 pm, Blogger eliza said...

wonderful post!! just lovely - beautifully put. i needed to hear this, to remind me to be very gentle and patient with my tender little dream-shoots. and that quote is one of my favorites - it gives me a chill every time i read it. thank you.

please disregard my silliness in comments on your meme post regarding needing to know the rules about "tagging" - i seem to have managed okay flying blind. it's a fairly self-explanatory process, really. i was just being a big baby. thanks for tagging me! i had fun.

At 12/2/06 2:54 am, Blogger krista said...

That was so poetic!

At 15/2/06 12:02 am, Blogger crafts in the belfry said...

What beautiful imagery you evoke with your words. I love your gardening metaphors. Your lovely comments have been a source of comfort and inspiration. Thank you!

At 15/2/06 12:02 am, Blogger crafts in the belfry said...

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