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Monday, April 20, 2009


I missed this week's Sunday Scribbling prompt of "Language" because I was away for the weekend - hearing the same language I speak, but in a different accent. My sisters and I were in Manchester.

Do you know of L.S. Lowry? We went to visit the centre which houses an exhibit of his paintings, saw a film about his life and work, and really were so delighted to have had a chance to encounter his art up close and in its original setting.
It was a special weekend for us, for a number of reasons. We were helping the youngest of us celebrate a special birthday. We were enjoying something we'd planned for a long time, and we got to meet a cousin we'd never met before. - A wonderful afternoon of sharing, of laughter, of discovery and illumination, and really the highlight of the weekend for all of us, and something we knew would have made our mother's heart fill with joy. (In fact, I think she had a lot to do with that reunion.)

Strolling past the city Art Gallery, we happened to spot a banner inviting us to go see "Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci". We didn't need a second invitation! What a treat.

And then, on Saturday evening, another great treat... We're all three fans of "Dancing on Ice" - as spectators, not participants, I might add. We were really lucky that our planned weekend coincided with the visit to Manchester of the 25th anniversary Torvill and Dean Bolero tour. What a show! We whooped and cheered, gasped and clapped along with a huge, delighted crowd. I'm afraid the only video I can find isn't good quality, and wouldn't give you a sense of the event, (well, there's a little bit in that link above, so do click there) which was spectacular in every way. Magic is the word!
Less than 48 hours, delayed flights... the stuff of travel, and still, it was a great weekend. We made excellent choices in restaurants and accommodation (thanks to the sister who is a wizard at internet searches!).
It was all a gift. I feel very, very blessed.

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At 21/4/09 12:47 am, Blogger Marge said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message. Yes, we have something in common in the death of our dear moms last July. I read some of your posts, and we have a lot more than that in common! We have sisters that we love dearly. I also would have jumped at the chance to see de Vinci's drawings! I was blessed to go to Italy about four years ago, and cherish the memories of the paintings, drawings, sculptures and architicture of the masters that I was privileged to see. I absolutely loved Torvil and Dean when they were skating in the olympics!

I read about your love of Cirque du Soliele (or how ever it's spelled!) and loved the clip you posted. We were in Las Vegas about 18 months ago, and we decided we could only afford to see one show. We choose Phantom. It was wonderful, but I kept thinking that I would also have loved to see Cirque.

So, new friend, I have bookmarked your site and I will be reading you regularly and getting to know you better.

Be blessed.

At 21/4/09 2:42 pm, Blogger Becca said...

This sounds like a wonderful time! It must be great to have sisters :)

At 21/4/09 5:22 pm, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Such a wonderful journey!

At 22/4/09 4:21 pm, Blogger Amber said...

Sounds like so much fun! And how lucky you are to see those drawings...See, here, one most people would have to plan to go to some far away Big City to ever see something like that! Not just trip over it. lol


At 26/4/09 6:21 am, Blogger daringtowrite said...

Sounds so wonderful! Ah, sisters. I only had one, but she was such a blessing to me. Still is, really.

At 7/5/09 9:03 am, Anonymous Taexalia said...

Oh how wonderful your weekend sounds! And how cool we have both seen 10 Drawings... I love Lowry too :)

Life has been chaotic but we are now in a new house and we are finishing off sound-proofing it ;o)



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