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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Scribbling: I Come From....

Today's prompt at Sunday Scribblings is "I come from..." I might have offered one of my old poems from my poetry-collection here, because it exactly fits the bill. It's called "Origins" and begins with a first line of "I come from a hawk-cry, flat, plain place..." But Sunday Scribblings is a prompt for new writing, so I'll play along and see what follows....

I come from Sunday chocolate-bars,
summer days in the back-field,
in Nana's house,
in Esther's house,
in Phyllis's house.

I come from aunties and cousins,
gruff-voiced uncles,
jackie-show-light, tag;
climb a tree,
figure out how to get down yourself games.

I come from navy-blue school uniform,
sash and tie,
round-toed sensible shoes,
books covered with wallpaper in September.

I come from Saturdays in town,
Powers' small-profit stores,
doll-house furniture bargains,
paper cut-outs, colouring pencils.

I come from piano lessons,
Tuesdays and Fridays,
cocoa at the fire,
dressmaker aunts with mouthfuls
of pins, fixing outfits for special days.

I come from sisters, brothers,
from always-there parents,
evening crossword games with Dad,
garden exploration with Mam,
dinners of predictable food,
custard-covered desserts as treats.

I come from comfort
I come from home.

[I enjoyed that! Go find other Sunday Scribblings HERE, and see where they come from!]

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At 21/3/09 10:36 am, Blogger Understanding Alice said...

your home sounds like a blessed place to come from :) thank you

At 21/3/09 8:18 pm, Blogger floreta said...

i love this prompt and reading everyone's take! i like your poem. it does feel very homely. great memories here!

At 21/3/09 10:08 pm, Blogger Linda Jacobs said...

I love all the specific things you mention in this poem! I get such a nice feeling from this poem!

At 21/3/09 11:30 pm, Blogger A Girl Named Me said...

From where you come sounds perfectly lovely. Thank you for sharing it.


At 22/3/09 2:40 am, Blogger Tumblewords: said...

A lovely place - the detail and imagery in this piece are so cozy and warm...nice, oh, nice!

At 22/3/09 1:14 pm, Anonymous Jay said...

Oh, I like that! And I remember covering books in wallpaper myself!

At 23/3/09 12:04 am, Blogger sarala said...

Lovely. What a poetic remembrance of home and growing up.

At 23/3/09 12:07 am, Blogger Tammy said...

That was fun! A peek into your journey in Ireland in comparison to the US at the same time. Cool!

At 23/3/09 12:37 am, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Warm, cozy, and wonderful. Happy Sunday!

At 26/3/09 3:04 pm, Blogger Karen said...

What a lovely and lovable place to come from...such comfort and joy.

At 27/3/09 1:26 am, Blogger Amber said...

You come from love.

This was beautiful. I loved the rhythm.


At 27/3/09 3:24 am, Blogger daringtowrite said...

I enjoyed that, too.

At 31/3/09 2:47 am, Anonymous colleen said...

Lovely. Here's my "I come From" but titled "Where I'm From."

At 1/5/09 1:12 am, Anonymous colleen said...

Lovely images. Here's my story:


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