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Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Things

This is the first Friday in a long time when I've been neither working nor travelling. Yes, I've made a couple of phone-calls, and sent a work-related email, but I'm still in my pyjamas! I love when someone shares the delights in their life on their blog, and mine has been delight-deficient in some ways recently, I fear. I don't tend to come here to tell you these days what the daily happenings are that bring me joy and pleasure, so today, I thought I'd share a few of those things that I write into my gratitude journal at night.

In no particular order
Jasmine blooming and filling my hallway with the most delicious scent. Bliss to come home to!

Fred the Band. Their music makes me happy. Go on... click the link. Listen. Enjoy! If you love it, get their album, Go God Go (They're so kind, they let you listen to it in its entirety right there!). Their web-page is funny too. enjoy!

Postcard Poems. They come from many places, at odd intervals, and they delight my heart. I send a couple out most weeks, too (and that includes weeks when I tell myself I haven't written anything, so thanks to this project, in fact, I do!) Sweet! If you'd like to participate, you can register with the Perennial Postcard Project HERE

Quinoa. Just the tastiest grain. I hadn't cooked any in a long time, and when I fixed some this week, to have along with black lentil stew, I said to myself: "Why don't I eat quinoa more often? It's so tasty, so good. ... " Here's a recipe I plan to try soon... And as they say it tastes better than it looks. That's the thing about quinoa. You have to try it to understand. [and you have to rinse it well AND toast it before you cook it to take away a certain bitterness it would otherwise have]

OK... I finally got into it, and after 3 abortive passes last year, I have finished reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, and I get why it's captured so many people. The thing that delights me most about it is the idea that we should either be accepting, enjoying or enthusiastic about whatever we do. If I can't at least accept something, then I'd be better not doing it. And when I ask myself "Well... can I accept doing this for whatever reason?" it makes it so much easier - no more struggle within. Thank you for that, Eckhart!

Knitting little blankies. The most recent one, I sent off as a bonus gift to one of my One World, One Heart winners (because I posted the gifts out really, really late).

And there's tomorrow night... Earth Hour. I have candles. I don't have a big event planned. I don't have an event planned as such, but I do want to switch my lights off and take a quiet hour for the earth. You doing anything?

There's my family (Son will be home from Argentina in just 8 days! sister just celebrated a big birthday; plans are afoot for a weekend away in April with both sisters; have seen a lot of my Dad recently) There are friends. I'm so blessed.

There are blogs... oh, the blogs I keep finding that feed me rich, nourishing ideas. There's YOU. Thank you for being one of the good things in my life. What are some of your good things?



At 27/3/09 12:58 pm, Blogger Karen said...

I have to laugh--mere minutes before coming to your blog, I posted "Five Really Good Things" on my own. No text, just photos of five things that are delighting me this morning.

I feel delight at your good things, too--inspired, as well. I think I'd like having a blooming jasmine plant in my house...and I tried quinoa once, not knowing the secret about rinsing and toasting, and therefore disliking it--I need to try it again...what a beauty of a is wonderful, isn't it?!...I could go on.

Thank you for sharing, Imelda.

At 27/3/09 6:01 pm, Anonymous Olivia said...

What a sweet post, Imelda, I am glad that you shared these good things! I am going to Hawaii tomorrow, which is a pretty big and very good thing. Will "see" you here and at happyluau when I return. Peace and love, O

At 28/3/09 2:07 am, Blogger Becca said...

You've got some lovely things going on...and your son coming home soon is definitely one of them! My son has been out of the country for five months, and he'll be home in May. I'm looking forward to all of us being on one continent again!

At 28/3/09 4:18 am, Blogger Jessie said...

mmmmmm....things that make you HAPPY! I love it. I love ALL of it! :)

At 28/3/09 10:40 pm, Blogger Everydaywoman said...

Thank you for sharing this "gratitude" post with us all! It's so important that we count our blessings once in a while.

That is no "little blankie" that you knitted! What a tremendous amount of beautiful work and how nice that you gave it away!

Thanks, also, for the quinoa recipe. I've been meaning to try it and that recipe sounds fantastic! I'm so glad to learn about "Earth Hour," just in time to plan something simple!

You've inspired me to do the same kind of "thankful" post on my blog, which I will do soon!

At 28/3/09 11:58 pm, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Thanks for the reminder about Earth Hour! And I've found Tolle very eye-opening, really helpful. The best thing going for me right now is that I'm gonna do The Artist's Way again -- already writing morning pages, and did an artist date today. Taking the plunge with a friend -- should be an interesting journey.

At 29/3/09 10:41 pm, Blogger daringtowrite said...

I'd love to see a closer view of that lovely little knitted blankie. What a great collection of good things!

At 31/3/09 2:45 am, Anonymous colleen said...

I forgot to shut out the lights, or couldn't remember what time to do it. I'm glad to have found you again, better copy your address down this time. I do so need a blog friend from Ireland. Comments are sort of like postcards from penpals.

At 1/4/09 10:43 pm, Blogger see you there! said...

That blanket looks pretty amazing. I manage to knit dishclots, LOL!

Never hurts to remind outselves of the good things does it?


At 3/4/09 7:38 am, Anonymous tinker said...

I love the scent of jasmine - how wonderful to have it growing in the house - that WOULD be bliss to come home to! I haven't heard Fred the Band, yet - but I like the sound of their name - I'm going to go have a listen now. Thanks for the recommendation - and the recipe link too - I've had some quinoa in the cabinet, and hadn't figured out quite what to do with it yet...


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