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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Passing on an award.

I've been honoured with an award by two of the bloggers whose blogs I admire and greatly enjoy. Judy, at Cheery Tomato Productions, awarded me the Excellent Blog Award "for inspired and inspiring writing", and the blogger known to me only as Inkberry Blue offered me the same award, as a blogger "who creates lyrical, heart~felt, honest and inspiring posts". I feel doubly honoured as much of my output in recent times has felt to me like it's been limited to Friday Feasts or bits of silliness.

Now I'm to pass the award on to just FIVE of the blogs that inspire and delight me. This is a difficult choice, as in creating my bloglines feed list just yesterday (Finally, finally, figured out how to do that!) I discovered that there are 100 - yes, one hundred! - blogs that I check in with on a regular basis, each of which attracts or interests me for a different reason, and all of which have their own charm. Back in February, I was given a "You make my day" award by Deirdre, at Writing Anam Cara, and I passed that award on to ten of the bloggers whose posts lift my heart and inspire me. I'd invite you to go back to that post (HERE), to see who I passed that award on to.

So, this time, I'll not include any of those bloggers - special as they are to me - so that I can introduce you to five others who touch me in some way, and I'll have to make a fairly arbitrary choice!
1 ...Laume at Beach Treasures was counting down, in a most entertaining and informative way, to a trip to London and Paris, when I encountered her blog. As soon as I commented that I was planning a visit to Paris, she emailed with some really helpful information for me, and followed up with more. I love her photos, and her art blog, too. As is the way with many of the blogs I visit, I can't recall which twist in the path led me to her door, but I'm glad I found her blog.
2 ... Olivia, at Happyluau writes with deep honesty about her life and her search for healing, peace, understanding. She is inspiring to me in her openness and honesty - and she has a lovely sense of humour.
3 .... Terri, at Tinkerings, shares her life in photos and her beautiful art and uplifts my heart in the sharing. She is part of a very wide circle of creativity and I get to check in with all of that when I come to a new post on her blog. Her descriptions of outings with her grandgirls, in particular, always touch me with her appreciation of their presence, and the simple activities they all enjoy together.
4 .... Meg Casey has a huge, open heart and shares from it in prose that is absolutely beautiful. I know my words would be inadequate to explain, so you should just go read.
5 .... Teresa, at Knitting the Blues, has a fairly eclectic blog with a mix of her life, movie lists, knitting (obviously!), and I love the friendly, homely atmosphere she creates there. I think I probably encountered her during One World One Heart week, and kept going back.
These are five of the excellent blogs I love to visit. I've left out some great Mommy blogs that give me the vicarious thrill of potty-training and new words. I've left out some great crafty, amazingly creative bloggers. I've left out poets, gardeners, photographers, seekers, preachers, elders, teens, Christians, Muslims, Wiccans and in-betweens. I've had to leave out so many of the great blogs I love to visit, but I hope all of you will visit some of my blog-friends that you haven't met before, and say hello.
That's what it's really all about!

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At 22/5/08 11:06 pm, Blogger Laume said...

Wow, I'm honored - thank you! I totally understand the difficulty of choosing amongst such a richness of diverse and wonderful bloggers. In fact, I'm woefully behind on updating my sidebar of blogs I read. I've met so many wonderful people that I honestly can't keep up with them all and sometimes I even stumble back upon people I've loved and lost. I do bloglines too and that helps. Of course, you are NOT helping, as now I'll have to check out the other award winners. Thanks. I think. I need a blog reading clone.

At 23/5/08 4:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am honored! Thanks so much. It has been a real joy to discover this beautiful blogging community and so glad you are part of mine!! I will cherish this award as I cherish your comments and your own lyrical writing as well!

At 23/5/08 12:02 pm, Blogger Deb said...

Congrats to you! The world of blogging is so interesting and as a beginner blogger I am overwhelmed by all there is to learn. My blogging hobby could easily become a full-time 'job'. Once again - congrats on creating a very readable, enjoyable blog. I always enjoy my visits here.

At 23/5/08 3:25 pm, Blogger Karen said...

Ooo...I'm off to visit new blogs...

At 23/5/08 9:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me in as another honored blogger! I'm so happy that someone chose you to award, as you are one of my favorite blogs to read. I have also looked around and see that you have awarded me in excellent company! I'm not sure I deserve it, but thanks. I can't tell you how much it made my day. It has been a very busy and a sort of emotionally tough week at our house and this cheered me immensely. Now to pass it on, that may take me a couple of days.

At 23/5/08 10:54 pm, Blogger Olivia said...

Thank you so much, Imelda...I am very honored and appreciate being chosen :) Blessings and love to you, O xxoo

At 25/5/08 8:27 am, Blogger inkberryblue said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 25/5/08 8:37 am, Blogger inkberryblue said...

Me again! (I deleted my previous post because of all the typos ~ sorry, it's been a long day.)

I wanted to say that I love how this award connects me to so many wonderful blogs. I'm really looking forward to visiting your five!

...and I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself properly. My name's Fiona (on account of my Scottish heritage.) =]

At 29/5/08 2:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you, on a well-deserved award - you always write so lyrically and beautifully - your writing is indeed excellent.
Thank you so much, Imelda - I feel so truly honored! Truly! Though I'm feeling somewhat undeserving , I've been such a sporadic blogger of late - thank you for some much needed encouragement, and for being such a wonderful blogging friend.


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