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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Six Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground

September, and the promise of routine. Days in my own home. A sunday morning with my laptop (which is functioning, just at the moment, reasonably well!), and a prompt from Inner Artist, a lovely blogger, new to me, to dig out one of my own poems. Jo uses a line from Rumi as a quote on her blog - a line that caught my heart and prompted a poem quite a few years ago. The Rumi line, known to many of you, perhaps, is:

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground....

My poem....

Six Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground

Stand stock-still, watch a red admiral sail
beyond your garden and your neighbours.
Place your palm on the warm bark of a maple,
pat it, pet if. If you're brave, put your face
against the smooth grain of it; wrap your arms
tight around the trunk. Hug.
Brush your nose in the shampooed silk
of a three-year-old's storytime head.
Breathe air flowing in from the sea.
Breathe air flowing down from the mountain.
Lie on summer grass; roll over;
feel the blades on your cheek;
place your lips on the earth;