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Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Feast

The Chef is on vacation from Friday's Feast this week, but Tina, one of the other participants has offered some questions to exercise us this week. Thanks, Tina!

Appetizer: Wii, Playstation or XBox?

I'm a sad case. None of the above. Once upon a time there was a Nintendo something... Playstation? ... in our house. I was a Gameboy fan when my son had one. ("One more turn... I'll help you defeat the baddie if you give me one more turn") When I had a chance to play Mario many years ago, I enjoyed it, but without young people in the house, I'm unlikely to acquire any of the above. I've been watching what DS2 does for Nicole Kidman's brain, and thinking I need that, but resisted temptation so far.

(Am I going on too long about this question?)... I did meet Wii lately, visiting my brother. His two boys had just acquired a Wii and were busy populating it with a lot of Mii(?)s. Daniel sat staring very intently at me, and then at my son, and it took me a while to figure out what he was at... He was deciding what were the essential characteristics for a Mii like me and G. Well, he had to expand the waistline on My Mii, and added a carefully-placed mole on the forehead - just like mine. The resemblance was uncanny! I was highly amused!

Soup: Would you ever go skydiving?
No. Simple answer. Never. Ever.

Salad: Name a sequel that you think is better than the original movie.

I can't think of a single one. I know conventional wisdom says Godfather II is the best, but since I'm not a great fan of those movies, I can't say. It will come to me later, maybe.

Main Course: Share your most wonderful birthday celebration.
I have to say it was my 50th, last December. I just knew I wanted to have a party, and that I wanted to have it in my home, and that's what I did. My two wonderful sisters came up to be here, and to help with shopping, cooking, preparing, and without them it wouldn't have been such a great night. My friend K from years back travelled, too, and another 25 friends from my writers' group, my work, my women's centre, my Baha'i community joined us for an evening. My son was here, with a girlfriend. My home is not huge, so my guests were spread out between 3 rooms (of course, mostly in the kitchen!). I played a compilation CD of 80's music that one of my brothers had sent, and the atmosphere was such fun! We ate chilli, chicken, Persian rice, great salads and a table of wonderful desserts. I felt spoilt and delighted and loved with all the gifts that came - flowers, jewelery, books, two lovely vases, ... many little treats and sweet things. It was a wonderful night.

AND... it didn't end there, because the most fantastic gift came from my son, who treated me and my two sisters to a weekend in Paris. As December isn't a good time for a trip like that, we deferred it to May, and went just a few weeks ago.

So, my 50th Birthday celebration has lasted right into this year. I feel like I'm celebrating all over again now. Thanks for asking!

Dessert: If you dare, post a picture of yourself making a silly face. Since I can't take a picture of myself right now (can I?), I'll just share one of the many where I'm caught looking wierd. Usually it's all crooked-mouth and squinting eyes.

Well... I am blowing bubbles. And that's Daniel on my lap helping out!

Let Tina know if you play along this week, and/or leave a comment at Friday Feast.



At 23/5/08 1:20 pm, Blogger My Goodness said...

Wow, your main wonderful!!(happy belated)

You did a great job...thank you for doing my feast!! :)

Have a great weekend!

At 23/5/08 3:01 pm, Blogger Karen said...

I thought about doing Tina's feast, but the first question threw me off--I don't even know the difference between those three things!

What a wonderful birthday--it sounds absolutely perfect! I'm turning 40 next year, and trying to decide what (if anything) I'll do--I'm keeping your 50th in mind.

Lovely feast!

At 23/5/08 3:02 pm, Blogger Karen said...

Oh, and I LOVED the photo!

At 23/5/08 7:58 pm, Anonymous Nita said...

Great feast. I agree, you did have a wonderful main course!

Mine is up as well. Hope you can come and check it out!

Have a great weekend! Take care :)


At 23/5/08 8:39 pm, Blogger Amber said...



Yeah. No way, Jose.


At 24/5/08 2:49 am, Blogger lila said...

You birthday ,both in December and in May, sounds so wonderful!
I love the photo too!
I'm off to visit some of the sites you mentioned in the previous post!

At 24/5/08 1:52 pm, Blogger m said...

I LOVED this post!
Back to blogland after sooo long and this was refreshing! :)

At 24/5/08 8:05 pm, Blogger Terri said...

how lovely to have an image to match with your name. beautiful. thanks imelda.

At 27/5/08 2:13 am, Blogger Lauri said...

I love these 'Friday's Feast' posts...I think I'll have to go check out what it's all about!


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