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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday & Sunday Scribblings, Scraps, Stuff

It's been a week since I posted here, but because I blog without obligation, I know I don't need to apologise for being absent, but I did wish I had time to drop by Writers' Island, and to chase down this week's location for the Travelling Poetry Show, perhaps to post something, or even to say hello to my pals and just say "Sorry not to have time to visit properly". So, even if I know there's no obligation per se, I feel the gap and want to do something to bridge it, if only by waving and shouting "Hi there" as I rush by. When I went looking for this week's Travelling Poetry Show, I found it's winding up too. So whoever feels the urge will just continue to use Thursday as a Poetry day, and post a poetry-related something on Thursdays. I'd like to do that occasionally.
It's been a busy week. My work's finally moved into gear. It took a long time, but I'm now up to my full complement of work, and it's going to take me some time to get a smooth schedule running.
My sister came up for a short visit, too, so we had a couple of evenings out, and went visiting. I really enjoyed having her here. I think she needed to come to check that I really, really am ok since losing Trixie. I am ok. I still feel unutterably sad at times, but the times are becoming fewer, and shorter, and I am getting on with all the other things of life that are important for my wellbeing.
Last Saturday, I spent at a poetry workshop followed by readings in a magical place,

with a crowd of wonderful poets. There was good food, great music, storytelling, candlelight, tears, and it fed my soul in a special way. On Tuesday evening, I got together with my writers' group, and tomorrow, I'll be away to an afternoon of poetry with a few of Ireland's best-loved poets. (Am I a lucky girl? Do I know it?.... Yes!!)

My camera and computer aren't playing nice together, so I cannot post a picture of the lovely gift that the wonderful Kara sent me. She sent one of her creative heart seeds. To hold it in my hand gives me comfort. It is a beautiful little talisman. AND she sent one of her precious daily lumps - a coyote, with just the energy that my heart and home need with the absence of Trixie so present (if that isn't too strange a contradiction-in-terms for you!)right now. I've put these two tokens on my hallway altar, just where I've left Trixie's collar for now. The lovely reaching out of blogging friends has given me great comfort. There have been emails and poems, and I know that many of you have sent prayers and special thoughts my way. I know that it has all helped. Thank you to all of you.
And now.... There's a word used in the blogging community that I don't particularly like, even though I know it isn't always really used negatively, but LURKING (the word) smacks of something sinister to me, while I know that many people who read blogs without commenting do so for a whole range and variety of reasons. When I first discovered blogs, I read quite a few regularly, but never knew where the space really was for me to step in and say "Hi!". I felt there were groups of people who knew one another well, commented out of a familiarity with the background of the blogger, and that they were welcome to participate in the chat around any post. It felt to me like jumping in would be making myself comfortable in someone's living-room, without being sure the invitation was really there for me. My admiration for the blogs brought me back time and again, and my shyness kept me from saying anything. So I have been a lurker. I still am on a few blogs where I'm not sure what to say. Then there are Typepad and Wordpress blogs that can be just simply awkward to post comments to, and when I try, I end up seeming to be anonymous when that's not what I meant to happen.
It's a minefield, in other words! And I understand! I have no idea whether there is anyone who visits here that's not yet commented. I don't have a sitemeter or any way of knowing how many "hits" I get. Maybe there's nobody. Maybe there are people who know me, and think I'd be bothered by their appearing here. But if you are out there, and you haven't said hello yet, come on and say hello now. I'm told it's National Delurking Week. I'll choose to call it "National Beat-your-Blogger-Shyness week" and invite you in.
This week, for the first time in 80 weeks, there isn't a prompt for Sunday Scribblings. Some people are feeling very discommoded in the absence of a prompt, so they've turned the "Sorry, No Prompt" post into a prompt, and in a sense that's what this post has been, too. A weekend post, catching up with no particular focus, but a wish to connect in here, to let my BlogLand pals know I'm doing fine, and to just touch base with some of what brings me here. Now to finish, and try to get around to visit some of you. If I don't stop by, know that I think of all of you, and hope October has started well for you all.

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At 6/10/07 4:03 pm, Blogger Jo said...

Wow, the workshop sounds fab. And it is nice to catch up with your goings-on, prompt or not :). That photo is pure Ireland to me.

At 6/10/07 4:19 pm, Blogger Amber said...

I bet you have a TON of people who read but don't say anything. I have a stat-counter--- although I haven't look at it in in many months. But I was so surprised to find that most days a couple hundred of readers visit most days! It kinda freaked me out, really. I feel like I "know" my firends, you know? So I share pics of the kids... Stupid, probably. And after that I was more careful about what I wrote, too.
Anyway, I bet you would be surprised.

I need to be a "blogger without obligation"! I have blog-guilt issues! Like I neeeed more issues! lol

I agree that that photo...*sigh* looks beautiful. Just like I imagine Ireland.


At 6/10/07 6:52 pm, Blogger Julie Marie said...

That truly does look like a magical place. I am so glad you were able to be there, and to enjoy connecting with your poet friends. I am glad you are feeling somewhat better regarding Trixie. I cried for Jacques for months. Now Penny and Gracie make me cry just by being here. No, not really, but Gracie just came indoors and muddied my desk and mousepad.

P. S. You didn't give me further info on your book.


At 6/10/07 7:15 pm, Blogger Becca said...

Reading this was like having a nice chat with you, Imelda...all that was missing was the cup of tea!

I like reading the newsy posts like this, knowing what my friend in cyber space are up to. Your poetry events sound like great fun and inspiration - that is some beautiful photo you posted. The vista itself invites peace.

At 7/10/07 9:57 am, Anonymous tinker said...

That does look like a magical place to gather and read poetry.
The workshop sounds wonderful, too.
In the beginning it was hard to leave comments anywhere - then I gradually grew braver, as I saw no one seemed to object - though there are still some blogs that I read, and feel a little shy about commenting on. I like your "Beat Your Blogger-Shyness Week" term - I think shyness may be one of the biggest causes of 'lurking.'

Kara's creative heart seeds and daily lumps are magical. I'm glad life is moving along in a good way for you, at your own pace. (hug)

At 7/10/07 4:00 pm, Blogger Just Jinny said...

Hi! My name is Just Jinny. I've left you one other comment before, but I am a new reader. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

At 8/10/07 3:44 am, Anonymous MsShad said...

Take it from me, sitemeters are an exercise in obsession and futility. All it did for me was make me wonder why I have so many readers, and so few commenters!

At 10/10/07 12:53 am, Blogger Fran said...

What a rich post with lots of links to thoughts about blogging, its occasional oppression, and lurking. I hate that word, too. Typepad does have stats and referrers although I'll admit that I rarely check them. I say I write for myself, my daily writing practice, and largely that is true. But I must admit that I love to have commenters, too, even if it is just "Thinking of you." And I am thinking of you today, Imelda.

At 10/10/07 2:31 am, Blogger Wenda said...

I often read blog post without commenting because taking in what someone has written leaves me thoughtful and reflective rather than communicative. Forcing myself to leave a comment seems less than thoughtful or sincere.

But I sometimes make exception to open a connection.

This post is so rich and full, Imelda. I'm glad you are doing so well.

At 14/10/07 5:39 am, Blogger Wren said...

I just visited the Notes From the Laundromat link on your site. Not sure if you know or not where it leads. So, ignore me if it's cool for you. Love your blog!

At 16/10/07 2:36 am, Blogger deirdre said...

It's good to get caught up with you. I've discovered that once I get a little behind with blog reading it just snowballs and then I can't catch up. Whew.

The poetry workshop sounds just wonderful, and the visit with your sister soothing. It's been almost 15 years since I lost my doggie and her collar still sits in a box in my desk. Just because. I imagine Trixie's caller will stay on your altar for a while yet.

Lurking - well, yes, I do. Sometimes. When I'm too intimidated to comment. I like the comparison to making yourself at home in someone's living room. It does feel like that at time.


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