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Monday, September 11, 2006

One Deep Breath - Tanka

This week's suggestion from One Deep Breath is that we try our hand at Tanka - which is like Haiku, but gets an extra two lines, and conveys some emotion. I've been absent from my blog for a few days, away to my neice's wedding, and today, bringing my son to start his third year at college. So here's the immediate response:

We cross the country,
carrying your student gear,
I leave you safely there.
My journey home is quiet,
still feel your kiss on my cheek.

There will be more Tanka to explore HERE

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At 11/9/06 6:22 pm, Blogger susanlavonne said...

ouch! I can still recall the first time that I dropped my son (and firstborn) off at college and you have captured the emotion so well...except that "quiet" for me was more like uncontrollable sobbing :-)
Several years ago we attended a family wedding in Glendalough, County Wicklow ..I have never been to a more beautiful wedding or had so much "craic" in my life!

At 11/9/06 6:27 pm, Blogger Jennifer said...

so lovely and bittersweet. I love it. Emotion perfectly conveyed.

At 11/9/06 6:36 pm, Blogger Clare said...

An emotion very well portrayed :)

At 11/9/06 7:18 pm, Blogger paris parfait said...

Lovely poem expressing the emotions of every parent taking child to college - it's so difficult leaving a child behind. I had a really tough time that first year, particularly as I had to get on a plane and fly back to France, leaving my daughter on her own.

At 11/9/06 7:42 pm, Anonymous beccabee2005 said...

you've perfectly captured those emotions we feel when sending our children off into the world.

just lovely!

At 12/9/06 1:33 am, Blogger AnnieElf said...

Yes. Totally understand this. Hard and poignant.

At 12/9/06 3:16 am, Anonymous tinker said...

"Still feel your kiss on my cheek" - that line conveys so much, and touched my heart.
Hope you had a great time at your niece's wedding.

At 12/9/06 10:13 am, Blogger GreenishLady said...

Thanks all. Yes, the wedding was wonderful. I'd love to post pictures, but there's other people's privacy to consider! But take it from me, everything was beautiful. the reception was held in a hotel right on the sea, and the setting was perfect. The atmosphere was so celebratory... I went to bed at 3.45a.m. and the singing was still going on! It was a lovely way to spend the final weekend with my son before he went away, too.

At 13/9/06 12:18 am, Blogger Tammy said...

Awww that was lovely and touching. You did great!


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