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Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Feast - #185 AND Friday Fill-ins

The Chef at Friday's feast is still on holidays, so this week, I've used the questions from a feast I missed a few weeks ago. If you'd like to play, use these questions or go over and select your own feast to use.

What does the color dark green make you think of?

Just now, it made me think of a coat my sister had when I was a teenager, and when she stopped wearing it, she passed it on to me. I thought it was so elegant. It was dark green, stiff velvety fabric, and it had a dark green "fur" collar. It was warm and felt wonderful. I wore it until the day a woman with the word cheap written all over her admired it as I stood at a bus stop. Never wore it again.

How many cousins do you have?

I need my fingers and toes, and back to my fingers to work that out. Four Touhys, three Horrigans, three Quanes, one Coughlan, three O'Farrells, three Eatons (that's on my mother's side). And then three Maguires and seven Hipwells on my father's side. That's 27. I'm in trouble if I counted wrong!

My sister is the eldest of all those grandchildren on my mother's side, and now that all my aunts are gone, and my Mum's in a nursing-home, she's become the matriarch of the clan. She keeps in touch with everyone, organises gatherings, passes on news of happenings. Most of my cousins are now parents, so there are second-cousins to be added to the list, but that would be too much! So I won't. I love getting together with cousins, because they're people who know where you come from. We shared so much in childhood, it's common ground, and for many of them, having lost their parents now, it's really important for them to still have that link.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?

I'm a 10, but only in appropriate situations. I mean, I don't share everything with everyone, but what I say, I mean. I might say nothing, but sometimes that's saying a lot!

Main Course
Name something that is truly free.

Well.... "Money can't buy me love", can it?

Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.

Some people rarely invent new goals.


If you're playing along, let me know. I'm going to be away (visiting family - catching up with a few cousins, too, hopefully!) over the weekend, but I'll look in next week!



AND... I've obviously gotten bitten by the Friday Meme bug. There's another one I've spotted in a few places, and I'm joining in today - because I have a lot of packing and sorting to do before I leave for the weekend, and I'm a procrastinator! Here's the Friday Fill-ins


1. For me _death____ is the opposite of creativity.

2. _The Kite-Runner____ was the last excellent book I read.

3. I like fill-ins because__ it's something new to try_____.

4. In nature I like looking at _all of it - trees, birds, flowers, water, clouds____.

5. _____ should win the US elections. (I don't feel entitled to express an opinion. You all know who you should vote for)

6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was _Oh... need to go see my sister soon. Can't remember____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to_having dinner with my two sisters, tomorrow my plans include _offering a SoulCollage(R) session to friends____ and Sunday, I want to _spend time with my Dad and visit my Mum____!

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At 30/5/08 9:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found you via Friday's Feast. I'm going to use these questions today, hope that's ok?

(I'm English, living in Ireland btw)

At 30/5/08 9:39 am, Blogger Caroline said...

Have a wonderful time with your sisters and the SoulCollage too, obviously!

At 30/5/08 2:24 pm, Blogger Janet said...

Johnny boy, how I miss you. Sigh...

Welcome to the Friday Fill-Ins; I enjoyed the Kite Runner, too. What's a SoulCollage(R)? Thanks for playing!

At 30/5/08 2:40 pm, Blogger Lynda said...

I'm looking forward to reading The Kite Runner ;0)

At 30/5/08 3:53 pm, Blogger Sandy M said...

Sounds like you have an enjoyable weekend planned. Happy Friday!

At 30/5/08 4:19 pm, Blogger Karen said...

The coat was sounding so good to me...ah well!

Nice feast!

At 30/5/08 10:22 pm, Blogger Lauri said...

Very good with that sentence thing! I don't think I would have figured it out...I think I would have just come up with a sentence with the word "Spring" in it! lol!

BTW: The rest of "The Tour" is up!

At 30/5/08 11:57 pm, Blogger Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh yes, you are wise to treasure those you make you laugh. Happy Weekend!!!

At 31/5/08 12:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SoulCollage and a visit with family sounds wonderful -
Wishing you a lovely weekend, Imelda!

At 31/5/08 1:52 am, Blogger Amber said...

Have fun while your gone.
I think The Kite Runner was the last really good book I read, as well. I read his othe rone right after, and it was okay, but not as good.


At 1/6/08 5:07 am, Blogger Christy Woolum said...

I loved Kite Runner also!

At 2/6/08 2:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your Friday memes, but I never feel as if I am clever enough to actually answer those questions. Maybe someday.....


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