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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The 123 meme

I got tagged by Nonizamboni at Peacock Blue to do the meme whereby I'm meant to:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Well, the first two books I picked up - "The Gift of Therapy" and "A Perfect Mess" both had chapters that ended on page 123 - with fewer than five sentences on that page! Can you believe it?

The third book is "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizedine, MD, and here are the 3 relevant sentences:

"Using the body odor of men and the noses of women, Jan Havlicek of Charles University in Prague has hatched a controversial theory about pheromones and the female brain. He found that ovulating women who already have partners preferred the smell of other more dominant men but that single women showed no such preference. Havlicek argues that his findings support the theory that single women want nurturing men who will help raise a family..."

Umm... who to tag? I'll name five people, but if you'd like to join in too, please do, and leave a comment to say you've done so! And if you're one of the people who have already done this meme, my apologies for tagging you again.

1...Julie, the Celtic Lady
2....Sharon, at Grey-Haired Coed
3.......The Queen Bee
4... Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes
5.....CJH at It's the Little Things

Would you like to know what exactly is controversial about the theory?

I thought so.

He goes on to say that "...once the home is secured they have the biological urge to sneak around with men who have the best genes." !!!!! Could it be true?



At 28/5/08 3:53 pm, Blogger cjm said...

Well, I'll have to get on it when I get back to the hotel. Pretty much everything around me at work is confidential.

At 28/5/08 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just did it! Even odder than your experience, the book I picked up had a chapter change on page 123 and only included that. 124 was the back of that and blank, so I went to 125. I think I'll include the answer tomorrow in my 13 list. Thanks!

At 28/5/08 4:25 pm, Blogger DrLeonesse said...

I'm amazed that the first choice isn't best genes. That, and pecking order, are the way it is in nature, I believe.

At 28/5/08 4:47 pm, Blogger nonizamboni said...

Fascinating but I'm still not sure. . .
Thanks for playing along and for your interesting choice--third time's the charm!

At 28/5/08 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well that is some page 123 to think about.... yikes! were you tempted to look and look till you found one that you really liked? ;)

At 28/5/08 7:54 pm, Blogger terri said...

pretty interesting passage. i'll have to watch for that chemical business. i'd hate to think that on some base level i've been sniffing around behind my husband's nice, secure back. :)

At 29/5/08 2:45 am, Blogger cjm said...

I'm posting as we speak, er, type.

At 29/5/08 1:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting theory...though I can't think of any men that I've liked the smell of, better than my husband - perhaps he just has really good genes? lol

At 29/5/08 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine is up. #10.

At 29/5/08 8:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the comment on my embroidery...
on the level of genes read a book called the 'Genome' by Matt Ridley. Fascinating.. the things genes do to survive! its a gene eat gene world out there and only the most ingenious prosper...

At 1/6/08 5:08 am, Blogger Christy Woolum said...

It sounds like a great book. I will be doing it also soon on my blog.

At 11/6/08 11:11 am, Blogger the queen bee said...

Well, I finally answered your meme! Sorry so long.... In terms of your quote, what an interesting book, I'll have to pick that one up. The theory doesn't actually seem that surprising to me, given my zoology background. You see it in the animal kingdom all the time. Consider swans. They mate for life, right? Well, a genetic sample from the nestlings will often show that each of the chicks was fathered by a different swan. It seems monogamy isn't exactly what we thought it once was! xxBee


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