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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pangea Day

Are you watching Pangea Day? Get on over there! Watch! It's wonderful!

Or, just go watch This Little Film. You'll love it. Believe me.

Now I discover you can sign the Universal Declaration on Human Rights HERE



At 11/5/08 9:07 am, Blogger João Soares said...

I think or believe we share similar thoughts.
Nice to meet you. I added you to my Ambiobloguerolo (enviroblogroll).
Since you have some interests in Spirituality and Environment, pls visit my Dossier EA e Espiritualidade (also on left)
Beijos de Flores / Kisses of Springflowers from Portugal

At 13/5/08 8:06 pm, Blogger Karen said...

It's incredible, all the wonderful things going on that I know nothing about--thank you for pointing me in this direction!


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