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Saturday, June 07, 2008


My friend Kate is a yarn addict, and I am an enabler. She loves the variety of types of yarn that you can get in the US. People there still enjoy knitting with fine, fine yarns. Here, it's much easier to buy chunkier types of yarn, not so easy to find what she likes to play with - lace-weight, sock-weight. People in the US enjoy knitting socks. Not so much here. So, my mission last year was to buy yarn. Hurrah. I did.

My mission this year is to buy even more yarn. I will. I will so enjoy visiting yarn shops. I was reminded today, when I saw This Wonderful Post on Caroline's Crayons blog. (***) My knitting and crochet activity has been limited over the past few years because I developed a skin condition on my hands meaning it's only when my skin isn't flaky and scaly that I can bear to handle yarn. I never know when that's going to be, so I tend not to start projects. I did make a sweet little shrug for my younger neice to wear at my older neice's wedding a couple of years ago. And I work on patches for afghans now and again. These are two I've made that I particularly like (only one of them is made in patches, obviously!). I thought while I was showing you those, I'd let you see some of the things I've knit in years gone by:
A very ancient aran cardigan
A lace-and-cable patterned cotton jumper
A jumper knit in entrelacs (that's interlacing, for those of you who don't knit... very complicated!)... And yes, I like rainbows! Even though I knit so little these days, I always enjoy visiting knitters' blogs, and as I said, yarn shops. Here are pictures from a couple I visited last year. The yarn below was "hot off the spindle". Wow!

(I was SO impressed!) This year, I plan to purchase yarn for socks, and, even if I have to knit them at a rate of only one row a day. I'm determined to knit me a pair of socks. Once upon a time, I had a pair I knit in stripes, with little Aztec people and patterns in the stripes. I loved them. The moths came, and I was so disappointed, I threw them out. This time, nothing as complicated. Just socks. In soft yarn, in a nice colour. What do you think?

(***) About Caroline's blog. Once upon a time, Caroline had another blog, which I visited and enoyed so much. She draws beautiful cartoon-stories. She has an eye for the detail that makes a story of something ordinary in her life special, so special, and she shares them beautifully. Somehow, in the transition from her old blog to the new, I managed to lose track of her, and when I would see her name on my blogroll, I would bemoan her disapearrance. Then, quite recently, I found her again! Hurrah! Go visit her lovely blog! Enjoy!

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At 7/6/08 3:56 pm, Blogger Christy Woolum said...

In my next life or soon if I find time I really want to learn to knit and get back to crocheting. Your pieces of work are amazing. I think I will go visit the blog you recommended also.

At 7/6/08 6:57 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

Thank you so much for tracking down this Caroline - I used to love her Potato Prints blog and had lost her too....

And your knitted / crocheted work is wonderful! Such wonderful colours.

I too haven't been knitting like I used to... for me it comes and goes in phases.

At 7/6/08 10:36 pm, Blogger Laume said...

You are obviously a far more talented knitter than I am. I get into quilting jags, usually in the fall when the weather gets cold and I want to spend time inside again. I knit a scarf on the plane over to London and apparently I amused more than just myself, several people sitting near us commented on it, and that they'd watch me working on it, all the way across the "pond".
I have several unfinished projects that are part of my huge dam of guilt. I've started many socks, NEVER FINISHED ONE! Argh. You might try catalogs for the fine sock yarns you're craving.

At 8/6/08 8:47 pm, Blogger tut-tut said...

I'm impressed; you are not shy with color, something I'm trying to figure out. And you are right about socks, laceweight, etc. here. It's all the rage.

Next Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, btw.

At 8/6/08 8:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh the lovely yarn :) I wish I had the patience to sit and knit to my heart's content. I love to do it, but haven't managed the patience to get through one.single.project yet. So I'll sit here and enjoy your afghans and sweaters!!!

At 9/6/08 1:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your knitted/crocheted pieces are wonderful! I wish I were so handy at it - maybe if I just keep trying, eventually something I crochet will come out evenly. Seeing yours is quite inspiring. I love the description of the socks the moths took away - how sad :( - they sounded so cool (though I'm sure they were really quite warm as well :)
Thank you for pointing us towards Caroline's blog - I remember visiting her old blog and liking it, but then lost track. Thanks!

At 9/6/08 1:56 pm, Blogger Karen said...

I'm so impressed by your skills! I took a beginner's class back in '89, panicked at the idea of decreasing, and dropped out after a couple of lessons. Seeing what you've produced makes me want to try again!

At 9/6/08 9:36 pm, Blogger Lila Rostenberg said...

You have knit some amazing things!
Have fun shopping for yarn! I'm off to see Caroline!

At 11/6/08 10:17 am, Blogger the queen bee said...

I love the blankets you've knitted!! Particularly the hexagon convention! Wonderful. Sorry so long, but finally got round to answering your meme! Been back in hospital again... excuses, excuses. Feeling better now and finally back on at the blog. Come on over.
love and light,
Brooke xx

At 12/6/08 4:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog on my big 2 year Blogoversary!

I am so enjoying your blog, and seeing all your beautiful projects. You are very talented.

If you are interested in a swap sometime let me know. We have so many locals that make beautiful sock yarn and i would love to get yarn from over there! Actually, I would love love love to go over there and get my yarn! I Don't think my hubby is up for that yet!

At 12/6/08 1:40 pm, Blogger Ginnie said...

Hi: it's nice to have a "new" blogger comment on my blog. I, too, have been a Caroline follower since the "Potato Prints" day and love her drawings.
You said you like the finer yarns found in the US. My daughter buys Alpaca wool in the bulk and spins it on her spinning wheel, then knits it into lovely scarves, socks, etc. I never tire of watching her do it but I would not have the patience.
(BTW: the picture of the "lost tribe" was distributed in most newspapers and on TV.)

At 19/6/08 1:32 am, Blogger inkberryblue said...

Look at all your beautiful crochet and knitting. =] I aspire to be as good a knitter as you are! (I'm poised to start my first~ever pair of socks.) I love the blankets especially, the colours you've used are so bright and cheerful.

At 24/6/08 9:31 pm, Blogger Julie said...

I, too, had lost track of Caroline, and now I have found her again, thanks to both you and Lila.

By the way, I have not forgotten your meme challenge. I just need to get past Fairy Month first.


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