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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sunday Scribbling: Fridge Space

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And now to Sunday Scribblings. This week's prompt is rather strange. We are asked to write about "Fridge Space" Ok. We'll see.

My fridge is nothing like the size of an American fridge. It may be half the size of one of your smaller fridges. My fridge is not made to hold gallon-containers of milk and juice. I buy more refined, dainty litre or even half-litre bottles. Space in my fridge is scarce, and therefore, every new item that goes in there has to earn its space. Top shelf holds a range of condiments and sauces that I value highly. Curiously hot mustard, mojo sauce (pronounced Mo-Ho) from Lanzarote, a hot sauce made at a Spanish bodega my nephew introduced me to - the wonderful Salsalella, ketchup, soy sauce (light and regular). Here you will also find jams. Usually apricot, often raspberry, and recently either lime or lemon marmalade.

On the door, eggs, and my cheeses. Soft cheese, plain and herb and garlic. Low fat. Even very low fat. There may be cheddar. There is almost always a triangle of parmesan. I used to buy ready-grated cartons of parmesan, until I discovered the difference that freshly-grated or shaved parmesan can make. There is no going back. There is half a small bottle of diet coke (bought tonight to accompany my comfort-food dinner of fish and chips), a litre of Orange juice, and two bottles of beer (which I usually resent having take up space in my fridge, but somehow, I have allowed to stay there, even a full month and more since my son's been here.)

There's half-a can of sweetcorn, decanted into a sandwich bag; a carton of chestnut mushrooms, a carton of cherry tomatoes, a punnet of ordinary tomatoes, a tub of spread, and one lonely fruit fromage-frais (look closely: it may be out of date by a few days). Down in the vegetable drawer, some pak-choi, some chinese leaves, garlic and a green pepper.

Tomorrow is shopping day. All the available space will be filled up with more vegetables. I will be stuffing aubergines (eggplant), courgettes (zuchini), scallions, more peppers, bags of rocket (aragula), mange-tout peas, baby corn into the fridge. There will be a new tub of natural yogurt, and some fruity drinks. Maybe a smoothie.

And after shopping day comes cooking day, and later in the week, as the fresh produce is removed and cooked, various little containers will be packed in there holding a portion of that sauce, the remains of this chilli, some brown basmati rice, a cooked chicken fillet, a few baby potatoes left over from a dinner. Then they will be used up, and come next Friday, the fridge may look much as it does now. Waiting for the cycle to begin all over again, and the fridge space to be filled.

[and added next morning...] When I opened the fridge to get milk out for my morning coffee, I noticed the things I'd left out in my writing from memory last night. My fridge also contains olives (green, with garlic; and black in a small jar), preserved lemons to use in the lemon chicken dish my friend Pam shared when I was in California last year, pesto sauce, salad dressings of various types, a tub of salsa... and perhaps there are still things in at the back I have't named. A fridge is truly a world of its own, it seems!

As to the freezer compartment... I think that deserves a post all of its own! Another day!


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At 9/2/08 6:14 am, Blogger Caroline said...

I hope you enjoyed your comfort food Imelda - it sounds as though mostly your food is exceedingly healthy!

I've done this prompt for a change too.

At 9/2/08 7:12 am, Blogger myrtle beached whale said...

Thanks for the look inside your wee refrigerator and your life in Ireland. I enjoyed the read.

At 9/2/08 1:44 pm, Anonymous redness said...

I was writing 'beautiful post' then I thought, how can you say a description of fridge contents is beautiful? So I read it again. Your words evoke a gentleness, a special peek, into somewhere personal. Well done with Thanks.

At 9/2/08 3:43 pm, Anonymous becca said...

Quite a poetic list of fridge items! It seems you manage to fit lots of things inside your small ice box.

At 9/2/08 3:52 pm, Blogger Jessie said...

who knew that the content of someone's fridge could be so interesting?? i love that each item has to earn its right to be there. it invites mindful eating--something our american refrigerators ignore completely.

oh, and your cheeses--they sound delicious! :)

At 9/2/08 4:17 pm, Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

Thanks for the glimpse inside your fridge. I enjoyed it.

spaced out

At 9/2/08 7:20 pm, Blogger Tori said...

I always like peeking into people's shopping carts at the store and this way I got to see what you get! I love the beauty in ordinary.

At 9/2/08 8:18 pm, Blogger ELL said...

Your grocery list sounds so delectable and exotic - "aubergines, courgettes, scallions, bags of rocket, mange-tout peas, baby corn..."


Though I don't know what bags of rocket are. :-)

At 9/2/08 8:45 pm, Blogger Tammy said...

I loved the peek inside your fridge. :) I can't lift most of the items out, Dave shops and cooks so I have no idea what's in that thing. LOL


At 9/2/08 10:04 pm, Blogger Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

What an interesting array you keep in your fridge. I am not the cook so it is G that does the shopping...although I put it all away so I know what's in there.ha!
Can you email me? I looked to see if you had an email addy here but didn't see it.

At 10/2/08 2:32 am, Anonymous Gemma said...

WOW! Your fridge is definitely in a higer class than mine! definitely sounds as if it is quite an exciting experience just to look at!

A most interesting write!

Smiles and Light

At 10/2/08 2:58 pm, Blogger L the D said...

Ohhh . . . this makes me miss living in that part of the world. As much as I despised not being able to fit a regular-sized (read: gallon) carton of milk into my teeny little fridge, not having milk for my morning coffee was a good motivator on the weekends to get out of the house and walk!

Beautifully written.

At 10/2/08 4:10 pm, Blogger Heather Kathleen said...

what time is dinner? descriptive beyond compare!!!!!

At 10/2/08 11:02 pm, Blogger tricia stirling said...

I really enjoyed this. You show us that so much can be revealed about a person by what's in the fridge! I buy the tubs of parm, but you have convinced me to try the real thing.

At 10/2/08 11:19 pm, Blogger anthonynorth said...

I'm afraid I'm a very basic eater and my fridge is far more boring. I'm enjoying reading all these inner secrets of Scribblers :-)

At 11/2/08 1:14 am, OpenID paperwhite said...

A mouthwatering peek into your fridge, small as it may be. I know we could get by with less space, but manage to fill it up with huge containers.

I am a cheese fan, and an olive/pickle fan too. Yum, I have to go see what hubby is making us tonight. You have made me hungry!

At 11/2/08 2:11 am, Anonymous Loretta said...

Your foodstuffs reveal a healthy, delicate, feminine diet. Love it!

At 11/2/08 8:00 pm, Blogger Heather said...

You know, until reading all these "fridge space" posts, I never realized the difference in fridges around the world. Very interesting! And your post made me really hungry!

At 11/2/08 9:43 pm, Blogger tumblewords said...

Wow! You have good stuff in your fridge, it seems to me! And organized as well. I'm re-reading this to see if I can learn more! Nice post!!

At 15/2/08 3:15 pm, Anonymous colleen said...

Thanks for the peek inside your Irish fridge. For such a small one you hold a lot and I think you can tell a lot about someone by what they have in their fridge.


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